Thursday, 9 January 2014

A No-sew Tutu Skirt (Tutorial)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holidays? We had a fab time relaxing, cooking, crafting and shopping! Of course, most of my presents were craft supplies...Thank you, Santa! :) ...and of course, some of my presents to my lovely friends and family were handmade gifts this Christmas. I had so much fun making them and they were a hit. Today I want to tell you how I made this lovely no-sew tutu skirt for my toddler.

 My dear friend Sherry got a handmade Lemon Sugar Scrub (I will post a recipe in the next couple of days so sign up so you don't miss out! You will love the scrub and it is so quick and easy to make!)

One of Greg's gifts was a large glass jar of toffees and chocolates. I used Stazon and a black Sharpie marker to stencil a black mustache and write 'MyStache' on. I decorate the lid and filed with sweets. Greg loves a snack or two and constantly complains that there's nothing to snack on so his very own jar of sweet treats was a hit!

Greg's mum received a 'Family Birthdays' calendar, a my own slightly different take on what you can find on Pinterest or buy.
I can create a post/tutorial so leave me a comment, if you'd like to know how to make it.

 Chloe' got her lovely pink crochet trousers which you can find on the Yarn & Fabric page of my blog

Isabella got her No-sew Tutu Skirt with a fairy wings, a tiara and a fairy wand for her dressing up fun. She is two and a half and have started to take interest in dressing up and any skirt or dress on means she is a princess nowadays. As you can imagine, her fairy costume is a big hit and so I thought it might be useful to you too. So finally, here's how I made the skirt:


  • 30 strips of fabric measuring 60cm (24") long x 25cm (10") wide. To simplify - I bought a set of basic net curtains for a fiver for our bay window that was 4m long and cut the bottom off to fit the length of the window which gave me over a meter, almost two, wide long strip that I kept folding and cutting each section in half which gave me about 30 of these strips and rounded the corners into an oval shape on each end. 
  • White satin ribbon - 120cm (36") long x 2cm ish (1" ish) wide + another piece about 50cm (20") long for the bow on the front (optional)
  • Scissors 

I started by tying an elastic string together with a white satin ribbon to Isabella's little table so it was easy for me to tie the fabric strips around the ribbon. I then decided that the elastic band was totally useless after it lost its elasticity when the strips were tightly attached so removed it and left the tied strips hanging only on the ribbon. Attaching the strip is super-easy: grab a strip of fabric in the middle, fold in half so that you have a loop in the middle and insert this loop from the top behind the ribbon and fit the other end of the fabric into the loop over the ribbon, pull both ends to fasten and voila'!  

Now repeat this step until you have used all of your strips. He're a close up of what it should look like. Try to place each strip closely to each other so it is nice and fluffy, but you can make adjustments like moving the strips closer together when done. 

I simply finished the skirt off by attaching the second ribbon in between 15th & 16th strip (the middle front) and made a bow. You can put a couple of stitches by hand from behind into the middle of the bow so that it doesn't come undone, but this is not essential. The skirt can be now fasten on the back with the ribbon the strips are hanging on. Fairy play time!!! 
I'd like to mention that you don't have to have exactly 30 strips if you prefer your skirt to be less full or you can adjust the length of the strips to your own taste/need. A big plus to having a skirt made this way is you can add more strips or simply spread them more thinly as they grow. That way it will last longer.

Thank you for stopping by and taking time to read my post! If you like it please feel free to share it!

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