Monday, 17 February 2014

Valentine's Rose - oil pastel

Good morning, friends!

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend?

We had a lovely family time relaxing, crafting, shopping, cooking... The sun was shining all day on Sunday, which was a bit surprising after the horrendous few days full of 80mph winds and rain, I couldn't believe it! I even managed to notice my daffodils and crocuses in my back garden. I bought a couple of Easter Flower baskets last year and when they stopped flowering I popped the bulbs into the ground and they are growing beautifully now!! I'm so happy when things work out :) I must take a pic (I'm not sitting outside now, my poor fingers would fall off in this cold by the time I'd finish) and draw them or maybe even challenge myself and try to paint them in a watercolour! We haven't had any snow at all and they are already out and trees outside are starting the flower. Hmmm...
As you know, Friday was a Valentine's Day and I received a card and a beautiful rose from Greg. I never laughed so hard when receiving a card from someone... it wasn't one of the funny ones that you get in a shop, oh no... I suggested to Greg, before Valentine's Day, that he shouldn't spend money on my card as I have all the supplies so that he should make me one instead. Now, lets be clear here... Greg is not my crafting buddy and is a musician and a singer, he's not into arts and crafts. He is a smart cookie though and thought, 'ok, she wants me to make her a card so I will make one', and he did indeed! He went ahead and downloaded a funny PDF 'Tesco Value' Valentine's card and printed it on a copy paper at work! He wrote a lovely message inside and proudly presented his work. It was hilarious! Lucky he bought that gorgeous rose! :) Of course, I had to preserve the memory of the rose and used my oil pastels to do the job. It was a last minute idea yesterday and too late to take a good photo so I'm posting today instead. Today is my cardmaking day and I got a set of stamps by My Mind's Eye so I might play with them today.

I hope you like my Valentine's Rose!

Have a great day! Thank you for stopping by!

Ingrid xxx

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