Thursday, 20 March 2014

'Deadly Beauty' - art journaling

Hey there!

Five posts in one day... what's happened, you might ask... :) I played with my new Dylusions kit and created a page spread that I'd like to share with you.

I don't know about anywhere else, but mushroom picking at the end of summer is big in the Czech Republic and the surrounding states. I know it's not the time yet, but I remembered the tradition and just had to paint them. If you ever do go mushroom picking be sure to know which ones are eatable. There are three categories... the ones that you can eat and are delicious, there are some that you could eat, but don't taste nice so we don't pick them and then there are the ones that are poisonous so we just admire their beauty. My mum says 'all mushrooms are eatable, but some only once' :) hehe... It's amazing how nature works sometimes, the most poisonous mushrooms are usually the ones that are the most beautiful so don't be tempted! This is what my page is about. Here's how it was made...

Thursday, 6 March 2014

7 Super Simple Homemade Stencils

Hey there!

Did you miss me? I have been busy making my own stencils for my art journaling and cardmaking. My pointy finger hurts so much I think I will need a surgery :) This happens when you are impatient and crazy like me and make them all at once, which you don't have to, of course. You can make one each day so you will have 7 at the end of the week, use them as you like and when you get bored you can make another one or just make a's up to you. I'm going to tell you how I made each one of them so you can do the same, should you choose to.