Friday, 28 March 2014

Altered Mini Playing Card - week 13

Hi there!

My week 13 altered mini card is here! This one is inspired by faith. Everybody believes in something or someone. Fact! Whether you want to translate it for yourself as believing in God or just believing in someone or something that you want to happen. It is important that we have faith, hope and that little bit of something to pray for.

And this is how it was made...

After slapping a tiny bit of Gesso over the top I used my Big Brush Pens to create the colour wash and stamped with my dark orange Big Brush pen using the mesh stamp. I then collaged the pretty lady on top and used my black Artist Pen by Faber-Castell to doodle on to p of her and write my motto.

I really like the background so I didn't want to do anything else to it. These cards are so tiny there's not much you can squeeze in anyway :) On the other hand, I've started working on another art journal page in my large art journal by Dylusions and there is plenty of space to go wild so I'm looking forward to that!

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Best wishes,

Ingrid xxx


  1. I've been working on these mini art cards for several months now as a form of art therapy. I decorate the fronts and do a small journal entry on the back, I find making/using these requires to me get down to the core of what I'm think and feeling, and going back through them later, it's a burden off the shoulders. Yours looks gorgeous - I haven't had the courage to try washes yet, but maybe I'll do so tonight. Good luck, and keep bringing beauty!

  2. Hi Jessica! Thank you for stopping by! I'm so glad you like my little cards. I agree, they are a great fun! Colour washes are easy and so magical.. I love when shapes and colours 'just happen', you should give it a go.., just scribble a felted en on your craft sheet, spray with water and press your paper on it, you can move it around a little, dry it and dab onto your leftover puddles of colour for extra effect here or there. Have fun! Ingrid x


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