Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Altered Wooden Heart Hanging


I'm back with another mixed media project, this time a 3D object.
I bought 4 wooden hart hangings in a sale during my recent grocery shopping, each for 38p! Who wouldn't be tempted. I want to alter two of them for the girls' room, one for my mum and this one is for my crafts corner. I will share the other altered hearts in due course, but for now here's the one I intend to keep. I love grunge and I wanted this heart to have the contrast of dark and romantic. I therefore went with the dark and metalic colours in combination with beige, cream and light peach flowers. Here's how it was made...

I gesso-ed the entire thing and added some netting into the Gesso for texture. I had some leftover die cuts (Cuttlebug Metal works & Damask) that I adhered to the edges sporadically. I adhered a kitchen silver foil over the entire surface and made sure the texture would show nicely. I went over this with my black acrylic paint, let it sit for a bit and then rubbed some of it off. The iridescent green mica powder was applied here and there. The small heart was covered with a cream and black damask patteren paper and edges distressed with black Stazon. I added some metal pieces and pendants to it. I painted my old plastic flower that used to be on a hair band in black and silver and did the same to the two buttons on the right. The mulberry and tiny fabric flowers needed toning down a bit so I smeared a bit of Gesso over them. I also found some black and white feathers that used to be attached to my boas (I bought them once for a dressing up do, I don't tend to wear them around the house :) ) The tiny scroll was made from a beige script patterned paper and distressed with Walnut Stain distress ink and Stazon. I adhered all of the embellishments down with a glue gun, omitting to burn my fingers this time round. I attached a thin silver string and a black ribbon to it. I had fun with this one and can't wait to alter the ones for the girls, the plan is to make them pretty and girly this time. There we have it, it went from this...

...to this...

So, what are your thoughts? I like how it turned out and I hope you do too.

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