Friday, 7 March 2014

'Rock this Journal' - the beginning of my new art journal


The weekend is nearly here! The weather is gorgeous and heart warming! What's not to love...Yay!

On top of all of that I have a new journal to play with. I didn't buy any, I decided to re-purpose my wedding planning notebook as I don't see myself getting married anytime soon and if I do need one I'll use my app! Don't you just love the advances of 21st century? Well, some... :)

The notebook is slightly smaller than an A5 and I glued 3 pages together to make a nice sturdy one. I'm happy with it. I went ahead and created my first page spread right at the beginning of the book thinking "lets live dangerously, right!" :)

The idea was to create a lot of texture with basic colours, a lot of grunge in contrast with some sparkle to reflect the sentiment. It was hard to capture the silver shine on the background, but I hope you get the idea... anyway here's how it turned out:

The background was created with Gesso and acrylic paint, including silver acrylic paint. I also used a tissue paper with pink foil butterflies and collaged it in and I love how they are now peaking through.

The heart is made with my glitter paste in red with a help of my handmade cut out heart stencil. I engraved 'ART' into it, dried it and used a black dye ink to distress the edges and the wording. I created the wings with a paper doily and distressed the edges, then glued the whole thing down and went around with my darkest grey Big Brush Pen by Faber-Castell. I used the black Big Brush Pen to write 'Rock This Journal' and then doodled with my white Posca pen.

I think it worked out great and I had heaps of fun with it. I can't wait to journal some more. I will definitely be trying out my new handmade stencils next. If you want to make your own click here for more info. I'll probably be playing with some pretty colours this weekend. I already have an idea in my head and I can't wait to get cracking :)

Enjoy the weekend and see you soon! All the best,

Ingrid xxx


  1. It came out just great :-) I am keen to see your next pages, so I hope you will share them. While I was reading your post, I thought I have here a wedding planner (in my case used one), I should do something with it...
    Wish you lots of inspiration for your coming pages,

  2. Thank you, Martina! I will share some soon! Ah, married then,.. congratulations! Great idea! I think if I had a used wedding planner I would somehow try to incorporate pieces of the planning ideas into the journaling. Maybe in the background or as a sentiment or a quote... it's all memories at the end of the day! I'm curious what you're going to come up with now... :)
    Thank you, tons of inspiration to you too! all the best,
    Ingrid x


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