Monday, 17 March 2014

Sneak preview of my next project...

Hello there!

Yesterday I got my fingers all inky, today it was an acrylic paint. I am preparing for a project and have been creating backgrounds using the monoprinting technique with an acrylic block, as per the challenge rules. I have had so much fun! It's easy to get carried away when monoprinting due to the fantastic effects that you can get using this method. I have made so many backgrounds I'm going to have a real trouble selecting my favourites. I have already started working on the cards etc, but I won't show you those just yet. In the meantime check out the backgrounds:

I used my Big Brush pens (india ink) scribbling it on the acrylic block & spritzing with water, my handmade stencils... 

Here I used the same method, Big Brush pens with water, Jumbo Stampendous butterflies & smaller rectangular acrylic block & the large block

This is what I've made today...used acrylic paint, my stencils & 2 flower stencils designed by Martina Huppertova, my new crafty friend, thank you, Martina! They are gorgeous! (Martina's website)

Again, acrylic paint, stencils, brayer, acrylic block...the pic on the left is an A4 cardstock that I used to clean my brayer and my stencils... This will become my art journal masterpiece, I think ;)

These are just papers that I created at the end with any leftover paint, same method, just regular paper. They will be great for making some card embellishments like flowers...
What do you think? This is such a fun technique. I can't wait to make the cards out of these backgrounds...

I had one more set of 4 pics that I made with inks, but 'the computer says no' and I can't seem to upload them into the pic editor to add my signature. Annoying! I hate when things don't work...

I will be back soon with the cards! Goodbye for now and all the best,

Ingrid xxx

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