Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Altered Mini Playing Card - week 14

Hi there!

I hope you are having a good week!

I'm bringing you another one of my tiny altered cards. This time I played with the idea of 'getting things of one's chest'. There are times when it's good to say exactly what you think and there are times when you need to be reserved and more sensitive. We all have a bit of an issue with finding the balance between the two from time to time. I for one, like to say exactly what I think and sometimes it doesn't win me any favours, but it feels good to get things of my chest and when I know I'm 100% sure I'm right, I'm right and when I'm wrong I hold my hands up. Sometimes you just need to fight your corner. Bottling things up doesn't help.  Talking about issues as they arise keeps it healthy. On the other hand, if you keep stuffing the issues under the cap, one day they will all bubble up to the surface and like a rocket smack someone in a face pretty hard, more than likely at the wrong time. It's ok to express what you think and how you feel so don't be afraid to just 'let it all out'!

This week's card is full of texture and bright colours, rough and passionate :) After applying a bit of Gesso I used the same method of creating my background...
'swooshing' the card in a puddle of a gorgeous india ink from the Big Brush Pens and water. I used an arrow stamp and one of the pens to stamp in the corner, my clear embossing powder and the mesh stamp to create the fence-like background all over. I applied a little bit of an orange dye ink with a sponge all over to bring the embossing up a bit. The screaming lady was collaged over it and I doodled with my black Artists Pen by Faber-Castell (S). I added a dash of colour to the flowers with my pink Big Brush pen. Ta dah!

I hope you like this one! I'm really enjoying a bit of a collage right now so might do something like that next week and then I'll move onto something else. Maybe, just maybe I shall use my Dylusion sprays! Oooooh... I must try them on these cards.

Have a great day! Thanks for visiting. Best wishes,

Ingrid xxx


  1. Am loving your altered cards! Glad we connected on Instagram. Following your lovely work now.

  2. Hi Ambika! Thank you! I'm glad too, I love your blog. I shall be exploring more later on ;)

  3. Hi Ingrid, I ser I have missed a start of your project. Must go and have a look on the other cards. I like this one. And yes, saying what you mean straight away makes the life easier. Even if some people are not strong enough to cope with truth ;-)

  4. Hi Martina! Thank you! Check out the 'Categories' section below where you can find them all... I add one each week so keep an eye out. xx


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