Sunday, 13 April 2014

Altered Mini Playing Card - week 15


I hope you are well?

I've had a mad week again, but here I am with another altered playing card, this time talking about 'time' and 'change'.

I wrote 'Some Change is Good' onto this card... We all go through certain changes when it comes to our lives and everything around us is in a constant motion. Nothing stays the same. We age, our children grow up, seasons change so everything around does. Naturally some changes come to us and we feel good and happy about them and and some make us feel sad. Regardless of this fact, we can never stop time and some occurrences are simply out of our hands and have to be accepted as they are. Some we can affect and need to work hard to achieve them. The key is to see things in a positive way and understand that life is a never ending cycle and it's only a matter of time until something around us changes.

This card really went through some changes, I tell you! I got a bit upset!
I only have 54 of these little cards which gives me two mess ups or two bonus cards at the end of the year. I'd like to think of the latter. Let me explain... you get what you pay for. Fact. I have recently seen a few pins on Pinterest and some other 'knowledgeable' advise from some youtube-ers (I know it's not a word, but it fits :) ) about making my own decoupage glue using a PVA glue and water! I bought a glue recommended by a youtube-er and had a go. It doesn't say it is washable on the packaging and as it was recommended I assumed it would work. Note to self - NEVER ASSUME! I used it on collaging this clock and guess what! I went over it with my Big Brush pen (water based) and it started peeling!!!! My nerves! After the initial shock I calmed down and realised it only added to the aged feel so I left my pen alone and doodled instead. I also went over it with Glossy Accents to imitate the glass. See, seeing the positives in the negatives can be a good thing :) I'm never using this again... Isabella will be sooo happy with her pot of 'Gloopy Glue' for her art :) I shall invest in my beloved Mod Podge again or find some other collage glue that actually works. If you have a good experience with some then please let me know. I am willing to try it.
The background was made with Gesso, brown Big Brush pen, water and stamping with a tiny leaf with black Stazon and a lot of doodling with my black Muji pen. Be warned, if you decide to use the Muji pen. It is lovely and thin and writes over most of the media and can give you a lovely 'scribbly' effect as well, but it is not permanent so if you then decide  to use a gel or other waterbased media it could run a little. I use it when I'm completely done, otherwise I use the Artists Pen by Faber-Castell which has an India ink in it meaning it is permanent when dry.

I will be trying a new technique next week so keep an eye out. Have a great day!

Best wishes,

Ingrid xxx

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