Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Ingrid's Crafts Corner, the Blog of the Month!

Hello, lovely people!

It's finally out! What you ask?! The Papercraft Inspirations June issue # 126! Why am I so excited?! Because, Ingrid Kristina V and Ingrid's Crafts Corner blog are featured in it as the 'Blog of the Month', as I mentioned in my previous post! That's right! LOOOOK!

I've been waiting with excitement to finally reveal the lot, but now it is out and I can proudly share my magazine feature about my blog on the actual page. It means a lot to me (as you can tell from the excessive use of the exclamation marks above :)..) and I am very happy to be able to reach out to you readers of this magazine and other lovely crafty souls out there in a hope to connect with you more. I have been working hard since the beginning of this year when I set up this blog and have been sharing my handmade cards, art journaling and other artsy projects and so far, the journey has been amazing. I am prepared to continue to deliver and work hard to make it even better and more enjoyable. I have now also added a 'freebies' page that I will be adding some artsy goodies to as time goes (I have a few in mind already...) and set up a Twitter page for you to reach me there too. I have many plans and ideas for the coming months and hopefully I will find enough time to make them happen so that we can have some fun together!

Have a browse around my blog when you get a moment, I hope you will like what you'll find ;)
Feel free to leave comments on my posts or email me, if you have any questions. I always like to hear from you!

Now hurry and get your own copy if this fabulous magazine - Papercraft Inspirations - you can easily purchase it online via http://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/ or simply buy a copy from any good newsagent or your local supermarket, out NOW! I will be getting mine for sure!

Thank you for stopping by! All the best,

Ingrid xxx

p.s.: I will write a post about the cards I made for the magazine soon! Stay tuned! x

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