Thursday, 24 April 2014

My 'Blog of the Month' feature in the Papercraft Inspirations Magazine!

Dear Friends and fellow Crafters!

As promised, I am here to proudly deliver my super-exciting news to you! I am very honoured and very grateful to be featured in the fabulous Papercraft Inspirations Magazine in the 'Blog of the Month' section (page 75)!!! 

If you are subscribed you are probably enjoying your June 2014 copy (issue 126) by now in which case don't forget to check out the said page! If not, you can easily purchase it online via or simply buy a copy from any good newsagent or your local supermarket anytime from 29th April 2014. 

I have purchased and read many paper crafting magazines, but this one really is exceptional for its inspiration-packed content. With each issue I learn new clever techniques, discover new handy tips and an up-to-date inspiration for my cards. It comes with gorgeous free crafty gifts which is a great bonus especially if you like me are trying to build up your stash. In fact, this is how I started myself. I started buying Papercraft Magazines and have been hooked ever since. It's my little treat each month! 

This occasion has made me proud and makes me only want to do and share more of my arts and crafts with you. Here's my promise to you... I will keep up the good work, do my best to improve where I lack and create and share as much as I possibly can so that one day you might feel inspired enough to make some beautiful things too. 

I wish you a pleasant evening, night or a day, wherever you are! 

Thank you for stopping by to read about my happy times! 

Best wishes, 

Ingrid xxx


  1. What wonderful news for you. Well done. Julie x

  2. Many thanks, Julie! I am very happy indeed! Ingrid x


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