Monday, 21 April 2014

My involuntary break from crafting

Hello and Happy Easter!

I hope you are having a fab time!

My Easter holiday started with having to deal with a massive kitchen waste pipe leak that was ongoing and resulted in me scraping foul stinking sludge from underneath our floors! I have never in my entire life had to deal with something as disgusting! It took us three days to rip floorings, lift floor boards, clear the gunk, repair the loose waste pipe and put it all back to normal. I'm aching all over! Moving stuff and lifting furniture... Not exactly how I imagined spending our Easter but it was unavoidable. Just think I could spend all those days crafting and having fun with the family!! Oh we'll, sometimes these things happen.
Of course, I tried to make it up to the little ones yesterday and we had a great day hunting for some Easter goodies, crafting... We made some bracelets, decorated Isabella's Easter colouring book with glitter foam squares and painted a butterfly sin catcher. We had the best roast ever prepared by my man and enjoyed the time together. So today is back to normal and I will soon be in touch with some artsy projects and inspiration.

Have a wonderful Easter Monday, blessings to you all!

Ingrid xxx

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