Wednesday, 9 April 2014

My whimsical journey starts with purple...

Hello there!

I'd like to thank to my followers and welcome the new ones ;) and to all my readers who come to visit and read my new blog. You make me happy! In return I try to keep things exciting for you and this post is about one of those new and exciting things that I do. Let me tell you more...

I have always enjoyed drawing faces and did my best to create realistic portraits and then... and then I discovered these gorgeous little whimsical characters! I love them. I thought I'd love to give that a go.. I've had so much fun just sketching and trying out different faces, some more abstract, some more doll-face like. Something that I could implement into my art journal and possibly canvases later on. I also love my Dylusions sprays for their vibrancy and love using them in my Dylusions art journal. It is so enjoyable watching them mix and work together creating some fabulous vibrant backgrounds. I thought I'd have a bit of fun here and not only to start sharing my whimsical characters with you, but to also go around the colour chart a bit and create journal pages that would pop out right at you with a certain colour scheme. This time I went for the purples, blues, reds and pinks to create an overall purple-ish look.

I started by quickly sketching my girl, then applied red and blue acrylic paints, scraped here and there to create a chequered pattern, dried and applied my blue and red Dylusions here and there avoiding my sketch (as you might know Dylusions come through from underneath of whatever you put over them, that being Gesso or similar, it will take the colour of the ink underneath, but will appear more pastel. I used this technique to my advantage throughout the whole process).
I mixed up my skin tone in acrylics... this is super simple... start with red, add a yellow and then white until it is pale enough, then add a tiny bit (TINY!) of blue to it to tone it down. If needed, add more white to make it paler. Try to remember that acrylics dry darker. So, I applied the acrylics to the face and my blue acrylic to the hair, I also mixed some blue with Gesso and slapped that on the hair. When dry I drew the face again and shaded a bit. Before I finished the face I worked on my background. I played with my stencils and a piece of dry wall tape, an old flowery curtain edge, my stamps and Stazon, some Gesso which absorbed some of the Dylusions and I mixed the Dylusions with Gesso too and then they absorbed some of the colour beneath.  I think this is what made it so much fun, just to see it 'happening' and colours appearing as you go. In the end I used my watersolouble Reeves crayons (a great alternative to the expensive Gelatos, they are on my never ending supply shopping list, but for now...) that are soft enough to smudge with your finger and some in gorgeous colours. I applied them to the hair, shaded around the hearts, added a colour here and there, I just played here. I added some glitter glue, I stamped a Hero Arts flower (3x), coloured it in with my Big Brush pens and applied a purple glitter glue over it and adhered it to her hair. I also used my black Big Brush pen and the white Posca pen to highlight some details to her eyes etc. I think next time I'll make my girl more sketchy, just to see what happens :)

More pics:

This was such a fun technique. I think I will make something in a yellow/green next. If you would like to see any particular combo then email me or you can leave a comment below. I intend to make a few of these characters in all colours. I hope you like this one!

Have a fabulous day! Back soon!

Ingrid xxx

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