Thursday, 10 April 2014

Tutorial: 'Newspaper print transfer the right way round in 3 simple steps!'

Good morning, lovely people!

Today is the day when you'll learn how to transfer any newspaper or a magazine print onto your masterpiece the right way round in three simple steps, not backwards! Excited? Well, read on...

I've started an art journal page for this tutorial only and the page is not finished, but it will show you how it's done. It is very simple to do and here's how to:

STEP 1: Prepare your wording for transfer

Get a clear sellotape and stick it over your selected print. If your tape is not very wide just make sure you overlap the edges. Burnish the tape well with the back of your scissors or your bone folder. Cut it out and soak it in a bowl of water for about 5 mins and then gently rub the paper of the back of it until you have just the print. You can cut out your piece into smaller one or however you want it to look when on your piece. I used a craft magazine print and cut it into smaller pieces so I could use it here and there... 

STEP 2: Transfer

Make sure your tape with the print is dry. You can pat it with a towel. Apply a Gel Medium or a Mod Podge onto the print and stick it down where you wish the transfer to happen. Run your finger over it to smooth it down. I applied a decent amount on each piece, but not too generous. As long as your print is covered it will transfer. I usually leave a corner of the tape without any gel so it is easy to find and peel off when the time comes...

STEP 3: Reveal the transfer

Let it dry all day or over night. Do not use your heat gun on it as this will ruin the tape. I know it's hard especially for us, the impatient ones, but it will be worth the wait! When dry it will be totally transparent. Just slowly peel the tape of it. It will come off easily. Some letters might be blured, some not transferred, but most of it will stay. It all depends on your surface and on the coverage with your gel medium. Imperfections in mixed media is totally welcomed so don't worry to much. Here's a picture of a transfer I did with only a tiny bit of the gel when I was finishing and it still transferred... 

...and here's the page full of my transfers...

As you can see it is super-simple to do and you end up with a wording the right way round, not backwards. You can choose whatever you want to transfer and as long as you follow these simple steps it will happen. Try it! Test it for yourself and then come back and let me know what you think. If you have any questions at all then feel free to contact me.

I hope that you find this helpful. I'll be happy for you to spread the word, but please kindly link back to this post or at least my blog where the idea came from. Thank you very much!

Have a great day! Best wishes,

Ingrid xxx

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