Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Altered Mini Playing Card - Mess up no 1

Hello, lovely people!

This week's altered mini card has given me a headache! Do you have moments when you feel that nothing is going right with what you are creating yet you keep at it to see if you can sort it out and are just about to chuck it when you come up with another genius idea that doesn't work either... well, this was the case. I have decided to show you anyway, because at the beginning of my blogging journey I promised I would share my wins and my fails so here it goes!

Firstly, the sentiment 'Joy' is me being sarcastic! The process wasn't joyful at all!:)
It started really well, I have a whole book page painted in Bindex/acrylic paint mix so I cut a heart out of it and glued it over a gauze and some dry wall tape onto my gessoed and Dylusions painted background. I sponged the edges with the Walnut Stain distress ink and then used a white pigment mini dauber to make the circles on the site and embossed them with a clear embossing powder.. this is when it started going wrong!
The blooming pigment ink has taken over the brown distress ink! To start with I thought I burnt it with the heat tool or something (which never happened to me before btw!). I thought, ok, different, lets go with it. So I added some white circles over the top with my white Signo pen over it...well, tried, the pen just wouldn't work! The same on the heart.. at this point I reached out for the white Posca pen and it didn't work on this much either so I decided to write 'JOY' as this is what popped into my mind at that point, but the pen still wouldn't work so I  moved on. It kept bugging me so I kept going over it hence the result! I thought what else could go wrong?! In the end I added some glitter pastes, I thought, if some sparkle can't salvage this nothing can... and I reached for the green one instead of the blue one and there it was ... it didn't make sense to me, I added some white splatters and gave up. :) It's probably not the worst, probably not the best, but here it is! :) You can make your mind up...

Another reason why I'm sharing this with you is because I find it interesting that the white pigment ink was perfectly opaque and covered the distressing, but the moment I embossed it, it took on the colour of the ink underneath. I wanted you to see the result of what will happen, if you try this. It's ok, if it's an effect you are looking for, but I won't be doing this again!

The good news is... I will be replacing this week's card with another one and there are so many more attempts to make some pretty altered cards till the end of the year and so I remain positive! Let's not forget that an essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail! Basically, the moral of the story is... know when to stop, learn from your mistakes and don't be put off, if you make some.

Thank you stopping by! Take care,

Ingrid xxx

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