Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Altered Mini Playing Card - week 19

Good morning!

My last post about the messed up card was scheduled for this morning so you are probably reading it now shaking your head! :)

The good news is I made a replacement card for the week 19 and I feel much better about it. I really like the colours of this one and the shimmer is so pretty!

This time I used whatever was on my worktop and somehow it worked. I always start with a gessoed background as the back of the cards have a red and white pattern, then I colorize the background, add texture and more colours. I used my shimmery watercolour paints and my water-soluble crayons to add colour to top. The stamps used were by My Minds Eye (Lost & Found, Pretty) and a script by Prima. In the end I doodled a bit with my black Muji pen and added some white splatters with the white Posca pen. Guess what! I have taken the tip out, turned it and it works again! :) Why didn't I do it last time?!

I hope you like this one more! Feel free to leave a comment.

I haven't done an art journal page for some time and have a real urge to so I will be doing that today. I have an idea so you can look forward to a new post tomorrow!

Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!

Ingrid xxx

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