Thursday, 22 May 2014

Decorated tote with acrylics & glitter frosting paste


Thank you for stopping by! I have another project to share with you. This time I am bringing you the other tote that I have promised you in my previous post on how to decorate a fabric tote with the gorgeous glitter pastes. You can read more about it HERE.

This time I used a natural coloured tote. I wanted to create a contrast of neutral and colour. Firstly, I sketched my girl onto a tracing paper that I pieced together to fit the size of my bag. I used a carbon paper to transfer the image onto the bag and painted it with my black acrylic paint mixed with a fabric medium by Decoart. (2:1, paint to medium).
As long as you add a fabric medium your decorated item will be washable and the paint will not crack or peel off. This is a great way of making your own fabric paint in any colour you want. If you decide to make your own tote in this way make sure you have a cardboard or similar inside it to protect the back side (the paint would leak through it). This is what it looked like when it was painted only...

When it was dry I ironed the image over a cloth to seal it and went ahead with decorating it with the pastes. I selected the following colours:
 Silver, Turquoise, Baby Blue (could be substituted with Aqua Blue) & Royal Blue.
Stencils used: Butterfly on flower & Hibiscus

I masked off all flower tops first & applied the stems in silver first, then masked off the stems and stenciled the flower tops in baby blue and turquoise and so on. I washed and stenciled intermittently to keep the image clear and the stencils in tact. I used the royal blue on the butterfly for a real pop! I stenciled the tiny little flower to the handle too for additional interest and to balance the image a bit.

It was dark and stormy here today which really didn't help me and I found myself walking from the kitchen to the bathroom trying to take a decent photo to show of the glittery goodness! That's why you get slightly different lighting in some photos. I should have stayed in the bathroom :)

There we have it, it is slightly time consuming, but very easy to make so get your supplies, make a cuppa and give it a go! I mean, who wouldn't want to stroll around shops with that?! :)

Have a great day!

Ingrid xxx


  1. Oh Wow This Is Awesome Would Love To Try This Maybe During The Long Summer Holidays.

  2. Thank you, Sue, I'm glad you like it. Definitely, give it a go! Ingrid :)


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