Thursday, 8 May 2014

Love you, Mummy! X

Good morning!

Today is a super special day as Mums around the wold get reminded of how very special they are and how much loved they are by their children and family members. Motherhood is a special part of a woman's life and should be celebrated. Not only for the fact that us women are able to create and bring life into this world, but also for all of the hard work, sacrifices and persistence to bring our children up in a way that one day they are a valuable addition to the society and beautiful inside out. This also goes to the mothers who aren't able to create life, but they are not doing less of a job. I've been blessed with two beautiful girls myself and am so grateful for it.

Today, however, I'd like to talk about some else. Someone irreplaceable, special, appreciated and very much loved - my dear Mum! I'd like to thank her for teaching me how to be a good, considerate and warm person with regard for others and other life around me and for continuously showing me how to be strong for her family even when times are tough. Because of her I am who I am today and I'd like to say that although her 'job' as a mother will never be finished I can proclaim that to this date she has done a wonderful job and she should be proud of herself.
The reason you are reading this blog and seeing my creations is because she was the one who led me to creating art since I was tiny. She is not an artist, but she drew pictures with me when I was little, shared some tips on how to do it correctly and painted pictures for my nursery and drew into my memory book. To this day I have a picture of Puss in Boots and Wolf and Rabbit (popular Russian story we got to watch at the time) painted in oil. My love for art comes from her teachings. It stayed with me throughout my childhood, then I was a teenager :), rediscovered my love for arts and crafts in my adulthood and have been working on my skills since.
I mentioned a 'memory book' in the above paragraph and you probably ask what I mean by it. It is, or at least was when I was a child, a tradition to have a small notebook that you would lend to your friend, a teacher or someone close to you so that he or she could draw/paint a picture and write their quote in it for you. When they returned it after a week or so you'd pass it to another person. This way I collected and carried memories of friends, schoolmates, teachers as well as the most special people in my life then... my Mum and my Grandma. My younger brother drew in it and did a great job (for his age, I'd like to think he improved since!:)). I've had this book since I was about one or two so there are pictures as old as me! I will most likely set one up for my daughters, because these books are rather special to me and I'd like them to have the same experience.
As today is a Mothers Day I've prepared something special for my Mum. I have decided to recreate, in my own way, one of the pictures my Mum drew for me into my memory book when I was tiny. I have done so, because I want her to be reminded that although I am now an adult I will always be her little girl and she will always be my most special Mummy! Here is the pic...

...and here are some close ups of my version....

I couldn't go too wild with the mixed media for my Mum so I created more of a scene that I thought my Mum would like. I started with a gesso, drew a tree on the left, applied some more gesso onto the tree and patted it with my spatula to create the crinkles (bark effect). I wanted to create colourful, but quite a light composition so decided to scribble the Big Brush pens onto my craft sheet and use the india ink as a watercolour instead of some acrylics. I also used the script, the music sheet, the tiny flowers, the grasses stamps by Prima (Songbird set) to stamp onto my background, the pressed leaves stamp set (Clear Choice) for the grass and the tree. I also used a nesting bird from the Lost and Found Pretty set. Then I drew my characters on a white paper with a pencil, coloured their skin using CR2 Spectrum Noir and went over it with a white watercolour pencil by Caran D'Ache (dry) and used other pencils to colour the rest of the image. I recently received the gorgeous Petals & Stems stamp set by Avery Elle and used this to create my flowery bed. All stamping on this page spread was done with the use of the Big Brush pens, including these Avery Elle flowers and stems. I stamped them onto a piece of regular white paper, cut them out and adhered them with the Pebeo Matte Gel. When everything was dry I did a bit of doodling and wrote my sentiment with my black Artists pen by Faber-Castell (S). I tried to keep it simple. As this is a bound journal I have to keep an eye on the dimension!!

The sentiment reads: 'If I got a flower for each time I thought of my Mother I could walk in my garden forever.' and I chose it because it is true and I think of her a lot and also because of the overall theme.

I hope you like it! Feel free to share your thoughts!

I wish my Mum and all the lovely Mums out there a wonderful day full of laughter and cheer!

Thank you for stopping by!

Ingrid, and for you Mum, Inka xxx

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