Monday, 9 June 2014

Media comparison for My Tie Dye techniques

Hello, Crafters, Friends!

I have written a very long post on how to use a real tie dye technique in cardmaking and art. You can read about it all HERE and even see my first quick card with this design and even a TAG that I made for a challenge. I promised to do a further research on this and post the results and here I am. I hope you find it interesting.

Below you will find photos with descriptions of WHAT medium I used, HOW it was achieved and my likes and dislikes. Here it goes...

Big Brush Pens by Faber-Castell - A damp wipe cut in half, twine tied around, coloured the 'bundle' with pen tip, untied, dried (now permanent) & adhered to a card using a PVA glue under the wipe & on top to seal it.
I absolutely love this is as it is least messy, permanent result meaning it will not bleed when being collaged onto a cardstock or you art journal/canvas so the design will stay in tact. As it is permanent you cannot transfer the design onto your card so the technique no 2 will not work here. 

Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers - damp wipe cut in half, chisel tip directly to the tied up bundle, untie, dry.
I love how the alcohol markers blend into each other and create further interesting effects in your design.
The wipe now feels slightly harder/coarse to touch but as this will be collaged on it will not be an issue and as a permanent medium was used will not bleed. Not messy.
Technique 2 (transfer design onto a cardstock) possible with the use of a rubbing alcohol, sprayed onto your cardstock or brushed on. 

Dylusions by Ranger Ink - Option 1 (glittered finish) - damp wipe (if using a twine) or dry wipe, tied, sprayed directly (don't overdo it, it's nice to have some white areas), untied, PVA onto a cardstock, smooth the wipe over it, dab a wet (not too saturated!) brush with water on top to help the transfer of the image, remove the wipe, sprinkle clear unltra-fine glitter over it, let dry. 

Option 2 (no glitter) - dry wipe (use a rubber band), tied over your bundle, spray your exposed parts (again, no need to go wild), spray water onto your prepared piece of cardstock, untied & layed decorated wipe over it, spray anther cardstock and lay over the top, smooth down, leave it to soak in and reveal! 

3rd pic shows a second transfer so is lighter and this was done only with brushing a bit of water on top so can be just dried with no glitter.
Dylusions are NOT permanent and will bleed so not easily collaged onto a project without smudging the design. Possibly if sealed first with a hair spray or a proper sealant, then colleaged... need to try this. The good thing is you can you the 'ghoasting technique' over your tie dyed cardstock so gives you further opportunity to play!

Memento dye inks - same here, damp wipe, tie twine around, dab your ink pad onto your craft sheet or directly onto your bundle, dry a bit to prevent smudging, untie, dry or apply over your cardstock treated with a decent coat of a PVA glue to make a transfer, dab with a wet brush, remove the wipe, pour an ultra-fine glitter over it & dry, like I did here.
If you were to collage this onto a cardstock it would bleed so if you don't mind a bit of blending then that's fine. When it comes to the transfer it gives an interesting, but not as colour saturated image like with the Dylusions. I like that though. 

Artist Acrylic paints by Royal Langnickel - make your bundle, apply your favourite colours with acrylic paints & a paint flat brush, dry a little and keep another wipe or a cloth handy to clean your fingers whilst unwrapping the twine so you don't mess up your design. You can dry the decorated wipe no and use for your card or art like this (permanent so will not bleed) or you can lay it over your cardstock and dab with a clean wet brush over the design or spray a bit with water, put another piece of paper or something over it and burnish a bit. DO NOT use a brayer over it as it will mess up your design (I tried this as you can see and it wasn't the best thing as it transferred the pink onto the purple). I absolutely love doing this with paints and will play some more with this. I'm going to try to re-create the scarlet red & bright green combo spraying less water, it might look better. 
I hope that you find this helpful and something to refer to when deciding on your preferred medium when using my 'hippie' techniques :) You can always go back to my original post, if needed.
Feel free to post a comment or ask questions. I will be happy to help. I now have many backgrounds here so will play with them later and will try to make some cards out of them so don't forget to come back to check them out ;)

Thank you for reading my post, hopefully it wasn't too long and boring :/ 

All the best, 

Ingrid xxx 


  1. Hi Ingrid, I have finally managed to get to your blog, I am having problems...
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    Have a good day..xx

  2. Hi Janette! Thank you for taking time to stop by! I'm glad you like it, I'm sure they'll have a great time. Thank you, have a good day too! Ingrid x


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