Monday, 2 June 2014

My Memo Station with Docrafts

Hello, Crafters & Friends!

I go shopping on Saturdays (every other really, because I share the pleasure of our weekly shopping with my other half ;)) and first thing I do is to go to the magazine isle to check out all of the crafty magazines. Hands up who else does it!! :) I bought the Docrafts May issue this weekend. I got some pretty wooden letters, papers & these fabulous Chalkboard Speech Bubbles. They are super-cool. Keren Baker created a gorgeous Memo Board and I felt inspired. I've been itching to create my own 'Memo station' for my fridge for a while and now seeing these speech bubbles on pegs there was no stopping me! Check out the photo tutorial below to see what I did:


You will need 12" x 9" piece of a cardboard & fold over your table top in two places to create this kind of shape. My back is 7", the bottom part is about 1" wide & the front 4".

I glued down two layers of a bubble wrap to the front (instead of a foam)

Covered it in fabric, glued down my thin white ribbons in a criss-cross manner, pierced holes to attach a couple of blue brads 
I covered the inside of the mail caddy in the same fabric (you can use a patterned paper, if preffered). I covered another piece of a cardboard (4.5" x 7") with some bubble wrap, fabric and ribbon. This was to be for my Note pad

The two pieces on the left didn't need to be used, but they were for the sides of my mail caddy 1" x 0.5". The piece on the right is my top cover for my posted notes holder and measures 1" (back) + 0.75" (top) + 3.75" (front). Your top can be 0.5" if using commercial posted notes, my posted notes weren't gummed so I chose to use more, hence the wider top... just eye ball it, not a biggie. The width is also 3.75" so the front is a square! I gesso-ed the lot and applied my black polka dot washi tape all over following the pattern 

A bit of a cardboard, some washi and a fabric, embellishments, some ribbon, a magnet sheet and two burnt fingers later  this was the result of my tinkering. The front and the back of the mail caddy is held together with the wedges glued in & tighten by the thin white ribbon, the large ribbon is just an embellishment added later. 

I used my glue gun for everything and despite the pesky glue strings it made the job easy and swift. I now feel satisfied that I can be more organised and that I got to make something pretty today! If only the rest of my kitchen looked so neat :) 

I'd like to enter my crafty creation into the following challenge...

Craft My Life - Anything Goes, but no cards

... to see what the experts think ;) I shall look forward to your comments! 

Have a great day, thank you for stopping by! 

Ingrid xxx 


  1. What a super idea. :D I love it!! I gotta make me one, trying to get organized over here.
    Thanks for sharing at All Crafts Challenges.
    Deborah ACC DT

    1. Thank you! I'm living it, always a pen and paper to hand and I don't have to answer the repetitive question to my Dear.. 'Any mail today?' .. He knows where it goes now :D Ingrid x

  2. Great project!! Hope the fingers heal x love the fabric and result xx (not the burnt fingers) x

  3. Hi Carol! Thank you, I'm glad you like it. The fingers are fine now and happy to do some more crafting :) Ingrid x


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