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TECHNIQUE ALERT: Tie Dye for cardmaking, arts & crafts!

Hello, Crafters!

I'm so excited to show you a technique, actually two techniques using the same idea, that I have come up with last night! I had some time to play with it this further this morning and as it is newly discovered there is a lot to perfect. I am however way too excited to wait for the 'perfect' effect so I am going to show you what I have done so far now. I can guarantee fairly inky fingers and a lot of fun! It is sooo easy and it won't cost you a thing! Intrigued? Then read on...

As far as I know all crafters out there use baby wipes for wiping their excess ink, paint etc. You probably know that some crafters, me included, save these wipes with ink and paint all over them and use them in their artsy creations. I have also seen people saving painty paper towels, gluing and sewing them together to create a fabric like material. Anyway, I love my inky baby wipes, but I also like perfection, neat and then it hit me! I decided to make my wipes pretty whilst being used for wiping ink! Whaaaat! Yes! I took a natural twine, tied it just like you would a piece of fabric that is to be tie dyed and coloured them to create a pattern that is then used further in cardmaking, arts or crafts. I would like to show you what happened during my experiments.
Every brand is different, I am using the cheapest ones, Tesco's own brand. 46p! Bang! At first I used diluted Dylusions sprays on a DRY wipe that I had saved. I have found that it made some pattern, but not very clear as the watery spray leaked under the twine. I also tried this on a dryer sheet and it also worked. Here are the results of that very first play:

Not bad for some art, but not good enough for cardmaking... please read on...

Secondly, I used my Big Brush Pens by Faber-Castell on a DAMP (fresh out of package) wipe. I chose these pens knowing that they will be permanent when dry meaning the decorated wipes can then be used with water-soluble supplies and gel medium/glue over it. I scribbled the pen on a craft sheet and then took the pen directly to the wipe which saturated it with colour even more. So to recap:
1. take a wet wipe
2. decide on your design, cut your wipee in half if you want it to fit a stadart size card and start tying your string around it - I started in the middle, you can start on the side if you wish, I also recomment going around each spot twice with your twine to get more white space in the final design
3. colour the expesed areas of your wipe with some permanent ink
4. before you unwrap, give your coloured piece a quick heat from your gun (quick! don't burn it!)
5. even if still a bit damp, untie your twine and ta dah! Dry your wipe and use it to your heart's desire!

After colouring my pieces I untied the twine and loooook what happened:

Amazing! I LOVE them! I thought this will make a fantastic 'hippie' card or any other. So I played more and I made a card right away. It's not a difficult or the most amazing card, but I wanted to show you what it looks like. What you need to do once you have untied the twine is to dry the wipe with your heat tool or naturally and adhere it to a white card base with a gel medium or Mod Podge or even a basic PVA glue. It will work, I used Pebeo matte gel and also tried the PVA glue. Both work the same way. One layer under your decorate wipe, one over it. The design will not smudge if you used a Big Brush pen or other permanent ink. You could use alcohol markers or even paint, I suppose, I am yet to try this, but I'm pretty sure it will work the same way. Once the glue is applied on top as well you can choose to use an ultra-fine glitter over the top to give it some sparkle like I did on my card or leave it as it for the 'fabric-like' texture on your card. You can't see it properly on this card due to my lighting, but it is so pretty sparkling! Here are some pictures of this morning's play and the card using my very first REAL tie dye design that I made last night:

I said 'real', because this morning after I have made a few of these beauties I checked Pinterest to see if by any chance it wasn't done before and someone else has done it and therefore my 'discovery' is not so new (it happened to me before...). I have found out that there is 'tie dye' in cardmaking, but it is not the real deal. It is fake, done with paint and markers. Now, I'm talking about the real thing here! You are probably itching to try this asap, but hold on just yet, because there's more to this! That's right! This is NOT the end of my 'hippie' crafty goodness!
I'm going to explain one more technique to you using the same method. As I mentioned at the start, I began doing this using Dylusions sprays diluted with water. As you know, these sprays are very potent and they bleed through layers of Gesso or even paint and EVERYTHING gets inky when using them. I showed you my first attempts on this technique and I played with one of them and this is when I discovered the 'tie dye' technique no 2!!! I'll explain...

I took a piece of card and one of my unsuccessful yet colourful and patterned wipe that was then dry. I applied a decent coat of a PVA glue onto my card and layed the wipe onto it. I smoothed it down and was about to apply the top coat knowing it would most likely smudge... then I had a peek under the wipe (the curious one that I am..) and saw the exact pattern that was on the wipe!! I took it off, applied my white ultra-fine glitter and dried it! This is what it looks like:

After I did this I went ahead and tried to this time actually adhere it onto the card so I layed the same wipe onto my PVA covered cardstock and applied some on top in a zig-zag motion (see the last pic in the collage below) and the PVA glue 'bleached' out my Dylusions creating a zig-zag patterned imprint on my second piece of card!!! Wow! I covered this in glitter too and it looks pretty! I cut it up later to make some hearts, as you will see in the next pics.

Ladies and gentlemen... this means that if I was to play more (and I will) and create a tie dye pattern with a dye ink or these very sprays minus the water saturation (so it wouldn't leak under the twine), e.g. used a dye ink pad to colour my tied pieces of wipes, you could make a perfect transfer of you tie dye design onto a cardstock and use that on your card instead!!! Yay! This has opened up so many possibilities! I'm convinced that my Memento Dye inks will come in handy for this technique.
I want to show you that with the wipe on a card or not, these backgrounds can be stamped on, die cut (even wording/intriquette dies), dry embossed and hand cut into shapes too:

I tried using a basic DAMP wipe out of a package with my Spectrum Noir alcohol markers, just dabbing the markers onto the wipe and it worked beautifully. As the alcohol works slightly differently some blending and also some extra patterns appeared. You might be able to do use this as it is as it is now permanent it wouldn't bleed after applying a glue and if you wanted to do a transfer onto your cardstock (tech no 2) just brush or lightly spray the cardstock with a rubbing alcohol and smooth the coloured wipe over it. In theory the rubbing alcohol should take over the pattern. I haven't got any rubbing alcohol here, but I'm 99% sure this will work beautifully, providing you get the consistency of the alcohol on your cardstock right. Too much would result in distorting the image, too little might not transfer it right. It's a trial and error, I guess. But it works... see the pic below:

I am yet to try paint. I will update this blog post again once tried and tested for you ;)

I also experimented further with my Dylusions sprays and this is what you need to do to achieve the results in the photos below:
1. take a dry baby wipe, twist it using your preferred tie dye design & secure with a twine or a rubber band. I find that a rubber band works best for this method as the sprays don't get to leak under as much so the design is nice and clear and you get some white areas too.

2. spray each section with a different colour of your Dylusions sprays (this will work with other brands too, providing they are not permanent when applied)

3. mist your prepared piece of card with water

4. unwrap your coloured 'bundle' & lay over your wet cardstock

5. you can spray another piece of a card with water and lay over the top so you get two of the same designs at once or you can lay a craft sheet or similar over the top and smooth/press down and give it a moment for the colour to soak in

6. remove your decorated wipe (if using Dylusions there will be a plenty of colour left in it so it can be used again!)

7. let your decorated card dry and use on a card front, die cut or use to your heart's content

You will soon see some amazing cards made using my Tie Dye transfer technique so keep an eye out on this blog!!! Thank you! x
Old post continues here...
I have also made a tag that I will post about separately. This is impossible to leave alone now so I will create some more cards using the technique number 1 & especially looking forward to perfecting the technique no 2, the tie dye transfer!!! I have had a busy day, but if I get time tonight I will try to make something using the technique no 2, i.e. pattern transfer onto a card so I would have the pattern minus the fabric-like texture for a smoother appearance.

What do you think? Isn't this exciting? You could use these in your art too! I'm thinking mixed media, here I come!! I'm loving this right now and can't wait to experiment with my new 'real-deal tie dye' technique and my 'tie dye transfer' technique some more! Go ahead, try and and come back to let me know. Feel free to share it with the world, but please don't forget to mention you got this idea from here, I'd love my people to join my crafty ride.

In a hope of spreading the word I shall enter this card into the following challenges:

Inky Impressions  - Congratulations or graduations
Scribble & ScrapsBlog - Anything Goes

Thank you for stopping by! I hope I have inspired you to try my new two techniques and hope to see some of your creations! You sure will see some of mine again! If you are a newbie don't forget to join with Google so I know who is reading my posts! My followers are special to me ;)

Have a nice rest of the Sunday and do come back to check out my tag I made using this technique.

Best wishes,

Ingrid xxx


  1. I think this technique is a great idea, I was reading and planning on what inks I thouht would ke ineresting to try. I broke my knee a couple of weeks back so can't walk and can't do much craft at the moment but I will be trying this as soon as I can. Here is an idea that came to me and will try out, maybe you can try it too. I have Promarker Pens (very similar to Copics for anybody who does not know them) and I though they work very well for this. Maybe get the baby wipe that is allready dry, tie it, dip it in rubbing alcohol, and then dab colours on with the tips of the promarkers. They are alcohol so they would be later ok to glue on wouldn't they? What do you think?

  2. That just awful! Hope it heals fast! I'll be thinking of you!
    From what I learned if you saturate the wipe too much it leaks under the twine so you don't get the defined design but maybe spraying I with rubbing alcohol and then dabbing it with the pens, that might work. I haven't got the rubbing alcohol here now but I have Spectrum Noir (same thing, different brand) on a normal damp wipe. I will let you know the result :) thank you for your comment :) xx

  3. Fabulous...great idea! Thank you for joining us over at the Scribble and Scrap Challenge. Good luck. xx

    1. Thank you, Lexie! Best wishes, Ingrid :)

  4. Thanks Ingrid, I also hope it heals fast, I have been now three weeks from sofa to bed and viceversa and already pretty sick of it :-) 3 weeks more left. Here's another idea. Maybe you can scribble with the alcohol markers on the craft mat, then spritz with a little alcohol and just dab the wipe over it. Maybe that does not saturate it too much. I'll be checking your blog to see what results you get. I could try to do these things on the sofa, I have a table beside me but waaaay too much worried that I might end up with a newly decorated sofa ;-) LOL Better leave it for the future.

  5. Sounds good and definitely worth trying, thanks! I'll let you know how it went. ;)
    Lol, it's not too messy if you're not spraying around ;)

  6. Fantastic techniques and colours. I haven't done tie-dye since high school (a very long time, shhhh). I especially like the results with the wipes.
    Thank you for joining in with the Scribble & Scrap challenge and good luck x

  7. What a wonderful look. Thanks for sharing Anneke


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