Wednesday, 11 June 2014

What If...


Another sunny day here in London! Yay to that!

I thought I'd play a bit whilst Bella was playing in the garden and Chloe' in the land of nod. I have been curious to see if my tie dye techniques would work nicely in art journaling. It does. Of course it does, same technique just a bigger piece of cloth. I used an old curtain lining (plain cotton fabric).
It would be a fabulous transfer if I saturated my tied bundle with Dylusions inks, but I wanted to use my bright acrylics and I hear that Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge  is all about 'Paint' so I needed to use some anyway. You can read my Media Comparison for My Tie Dye Techniques, if needed. Acrylics will not seep into the fabric as well as watery inks, even if you water them down, and I expected that. I wanted a specific pattern so I went ahead and painted each segment of my bundle with a different colour of my Artist acrylic paint by Royal Langnickel, unraveled it and placed over my gesso-ed pages. I sprayed it with water to release the colours onto the page, smoothed it down over a craft sheet and left it on it for a while. I got a nice imprint and decided to use it.
I took each of the colours and went over my design to create my spiral. When it was dry I painted my peace sign with a black acrylic paint, took the Petals & Stems stamp set by Avery Elle and my Stazon and stamped all around. Because there are strokes in the acrylic paint the full bodied stamps didn't stamp completely and that was exactly what I wanted. The colours under peek through which is just lovely. In the end I doodled with my white Signo pen and stenciled my wording with the black artist pen by Faber-Castell.... and doodled some more!

...and here's my finished paint with some close ups:

The whole idea comes from the actual wording... 'what if we all love each other' ... and the mixing colours representing all people of all backgrounds together, the peace sign and the flowers... the whole concept has a hippie feel, but there is a bigger message behind it. A statistic I have recently came across shows that $2 trillion was spent on war in 2012 and 1/20th of that could have eradicated the poverty and brought world peace (shocking!!) so this brings a question of WHY this is not done when possible and WHY 'they' don't want this to happen. And if you dig even deeper you will find all sorts of horror stories. The rich and powerful people up there are doing all they can to point out our differences rather than our common grounds to divide us and cause trouble, because that way they can stay in control whilst they are off to the banks with their filled pockets. I'm not going to get into it now as this blog post would be very very long, but as Aldous Haxley once said 'Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.'. I'm just saying we all need to open our eyes and mainly our hearts and remember that we all live on one planet and so should love one another. So this art journal page serves as a reminder to me and to others reading this that the world would be a better place if we just loved each other and I hope that you agree.

Thank you for stopping by, have a lovely day!

Peace! :)

Ingrid xxx


  1. WOW! This piece is incredible! I was in awe as I read through your description and saw the absolutely clever techniques you used to pull this piece together. I am a huge fan of using fabric in art and you've taken it to a whole new level with this one! It's like tie-die for the super artistic! I also loved how you combined it with stamped images, the iconic peace symbol, the white accents and the simple beautiful sentiment. I truly felt inspired by this piece, both artistically and mentally. Love the notion it represents and am really impressed with how you created something so amazing from a piece of curtain lining! Thank you so much for sharing this incredible piece with us here at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog!

  2. Oh wow! Thank you very much for your in- depth comment, I'm so glad you like it and appreciate my message. Ingrid x


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