Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Mixed Media Card for my crafty friend...

Hi Lovelies!

Happy hump day! I hope you are all well?
I got soooo annoyed this morning with an ebay seller who sold me something for £4, sent me a faulty item (totally useless). I sent over some photos to prove it, but he/she offered a refund of £1.50 and no replacement! He or she were clearly passing love notes instead of listening to their maths teacher. I don't know about them, but in my world if I order something I expect it. If I don't get it I want my money back, not a third, not a half, ALL of it!! I got my refund, don't worry :) A matter of principle.. And then my printer stopped working again so couldn't print out my digi... I got myself so hot and into such a flap this morning I needed to do something fun and crafty to snap out of it.

I had nothing particular in mind so started experimenting with some stencil, some distress inks and stamps. As I was playing, more and more it started looking like something that my crafty friend might like (not might make as I am incapable to copy her amazing work). Stencils, heaps of visual texture with a bit of dimension in a form of a light modeling paste, bright but darkened/muted I added words that very much describe her and made it into a card that I will be happy to send if I get her address ;) Otherwise, a virtual card it is :) This is a totally unplanned and a spontaneous act of appreciation of her as a person and her as an artist! Well, I hope she likes it!

as well as doodling there's a bit circle of Glossy Accents around each bubble and on top of the words... hard to see... 

the Distress Inks are showing through the modeling paste heart.. I quite like that so I left it as that... 

Have you guessed who it is yet? Donna! It's youuuuu!:) I hope you like the card!:) I made it in an art journaling style to hopefully inspire you to start your own art journal! ;)

Have a great evening, I will be back soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

Ingrid xxx


  1. This is fabulous Ingrid - its inspiring me to get my journal out - done one page ever! LOL.Nikki x

  2. This is so amazing Ingrid! Donna will love it! I really love the blues and purples blended together like that, and that the heck did you do that! Just wonderful!

    Sorry about your bad ebay experience. It's so disappointing when you open a package and it's the wrong colour or the wrong product. I've been lucky with refunds, so far though. You got a real beep beep beep of a seller, sounds like. Thank goodness, they're not all like that. Chin up..a craft a day keeps the blues away! HA! Hugs :)

  3. Ah I am speechless Ingrid, I love it,absolutely adore it,can't wait to get it!!! Will email you in a minute,gosh,you are so lovely!!

    I have been lucky re art supplies via Ebay but when I used to buy bags I got some bad sellers then!

    Extra big hugs

    Donna xx

  4. Fantastic card, I'm sure it will be loved.

  5. Gorgeous Ingrid, I am sure it is going to be loved heaps, pity you had a rough deal on ebay...xx
    The Journey is the Start

  6. Beautiful card! And one lucky friend you have!

  7. Love the fab design and gorgeous

  8. Wow Ingrid this is so beautiful I love what you have designed here and such wonderful colours, love it.
    lorraine x

  9. excellent make Ingrid - gorgeous colours - so very pretty! Hugs rachel xx

  10. Totally agree with you... and good for you that you succeeded! And what an amazing card, I love it!
    She will be so pleased, how sweet!

  11. This card is simply AMAZING ! wow!
    That is really annoying- good that you were successful!

  12. Sorry to hear you had a bad morning, but you made up for it with your creativity this afternoon, your card is stunning and I bet Donna will love and appreciate it hugely! Anne xx

  13. Wow, this is stunning, something good came out from a bad morning :)

    Warm hugs

  14. Gorgeous mix of colors, textures and images ... always inspired when I visit :) Loll xx

  15. WOW... lucky Donna, I just was at her site too... right under your comment... LOL... Anyway.. this is lovely... and I am sure that Donna is going to CHERISH this for ever... the colors are some of my all time favorite... Love that... the heart is GREAT... and I can see the glossy accent as I think I even sleep with a bottle of that stuff in my hand... LOL.. love the stuff... this is truly a very very pretty card Ingrid... hope tomorrow (or today, whenever you read this... not really sure where you live...) will be free of all the problems you had with EBAY and other things... not fun when that happens... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

  16. This is gorgeous :) Love the textured heart and the beautiful colors on the BG :)

  17. I'm sure Donna will love and cherish it.....fabulous, just adore the heart!


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