Wednesday, 20 August 2014

***Speed Craft Challenge***

Hello Lovelies!

I have something super-fun for you today!

Keren Baker and I were chatting away one day and were joking about speedy crafting. This was the point when we thought of how much fun it would be to do a 'Speed Craft Challenge' together. I have been very lucky to have met many oh-so talented crafters during my 'blogging career' and Keren and a few ladies I will mention in this post are one of the best out there! I got them all nicely linked up so we could all 'speed craft' together. You may have had the pleasure of seeing their creations around or via their gorgeous blogs. If you haven't then hop over asap as you have been seriously missing out!

The Ladies I speak of are...

Donna loves to use mixed media and creates the most amazing backgrounds with her fresco paints and gorgeous trendy stamps. If you love little weirdos, babies with wings and steampunk gorgeousness she's your girl! I LOVE Donna's work! 

Keren Baker - Kerenbaker's Blog
Keren is a mastermind in CAS cards and even got into the Top 10 in the Gallery Idol 2014! How amazing is that! She also designs for the leading UK cardmaking and craft magazines so we have a bit of a crafting celebrity playing along with us!;) Her cards and other projects are just amazing so check out her blog!

Nikki Acton - A2A - Addicted to Art
Nikki's fabulous mixed media work never seizes to amaze me. I'd describe her style as grungy, vintage, full of yummy texture and gorgeous details. That is something I love, love, love and can't get enough of. I get very much excited every time I see Nikki's post as I know I will be in for a treat! Amazing artist!

Pamellia Johnson - My Little Craft Things
Pamellia's cards are like heaven on earth! Her gorgeous shabby chic cards are always so beautifully and preciously created I just want to bury myself in the prettiness! I said it once that her cards look gorgeous and fluffy :) They do! Pamellia is smashing it out there with her talent and winning one challenge after another so watch out! :) Pamellia also designed our gorgeous Speed Craft Challenge badge! Thank you, Pamellia, you clever soul! :)

Well, we have some fabulous mix of styles here! As you might know, I like a bit of everything so you never know what I might surprise you with next ;) If you'd like to know a bit about me then head over HERE.

I feel blessed that I have become friends with all of them and wanted to include them in this fun speed craft. So not only that you will get to see the results of my speedy crafting, but also you will get to see their creations made the same way! How cool is that?!

 Before I show you my vintage shabby card I'd like to mention that we were allowed to craft for 10 minutes and could get our supplies together before we hit the start button. Finished or not we will share what we made and will tell you how long it took to make it. 

My supplies ready with an idea in my head: 

My card: 

My time: 

As you can see I went a little over 10 minutes and it was because my tacky glue was clogging up the whole time There was a lot of stapling going on there after sponging pretty much everything I pulled out and dyed everything, like the ribbon, for example. It took some time to dry it! Same as the embroidered lace in the corner! I think it was half wet when I was gluing it, but I used a strong double sided tape ;) The flowers and the focal point are the free toppers that came with the Docrafts magazine (Aug issue) and they are gorgeous! I never ever used toppers on any of my cards, can you believe that! Using pretty toppers was a great help in this mad dash. Basically, I thought if I try to make something shabby and old and abused looking on purpose there'd be a smaller chance that I make a mess of it! I don't know if my logic worked. I might try something CAS next ;) 

So, I hope you enjoyed this post. Now hop over to the other blogs mentioned above to see what they managed to make in 10 minutes! :) 

We will be doing our Speed Craft Challenge probably bi-weekly so that's something to look forward to ;) Feel free to join our Speed Craft Challenge... simply craft for 10 minutes, blog about it and pop back to leave us a comment with your link to your post. We and other people visiting our blogs can then see your 10 minute make too! 

Thank you for your visit and have a great day! 

Ingrid xxx 


  1. OK, now I'm sure of it...I'm the slowest crafter ever!! This is so gorgeous Ingrid!! I'm blown away that you did this in 10 minutes, that's nuts!! I love love love your shabby chic card! Love the colours, the flowers, the lace, the cheesecloth, the pretty ribbon, all of it! So stunning! Fantastic :) HUGS

    1. Well, if you can't see under, it is stapled! hehe... the fabric pieces were half wet when they went on and my heat tool was my best friend in this. I sponged everything swiftly and then it was just a matter of putting it all together... it was a madness though! :) thank you! xx

  2. Brilliant work in 10 mins (well nearly - LOL)! Inspired to decision to staple - I will do that next time! This is a fab card - you must have been working frantically girl! Bet like me,it took longer to clear up that to make the card. LOL. This is fun, look forward to next time...Nikki xx

  3. I am a huge Keren Baker fan so found my way to you via her blog. Great idea to speed craft, loving what everyone has created, looking forward to seeing more speedily created cards:-)

  4. You actually completed something in 10mins...WOW! Ingrid. What a super idea and so beautifully executed. Loved the textures and the vintage look of this card.

  5. Well miss INgrid, you have excelled yourself once again with such a perfection of an art it all....xxxThe Journey is the Start

  6. Wow Ingrid,10 minutes for this?! Hmmm see you are the No 1 crafter girl!!! Love it,absolutely stunning but then I knew it would be. Will email you later for catch up :)

    Double hugs
    Donna xx

  7. So beautiful! Love all the layers and textures and that little corner of loveliness on the top right! And what's 43.8 seconds between friends 😉 x

  8. I nearly can't believe that this masterpiece is made in less than 10 minutes! You are a masterly speed of light crafer Ingrid--off to visit the other talented ladies!

  9. WOW ... have to check and see what the others did for this too... this is great fun... This IS beautiful Ingrid for 10 minutes... yikes... takes me a little longer to pull all the stuff out... LOL... love this corner... WHAT FUN!!! Love, Light and Peace..Bonnie

  10. stunning work Ingrid - looks like a fun challenge - I have seen Nikki's make - must try to visit the others too! Hugs rachel x

  11. Fabulous card and all in 10 mins. I am impressed!
    I't a beautiful card, lots of details and the topper looks gorgeous, love the shabby/chic look.
    Avril xx

  12. Love the design and in just 10 minutes, its a brilliant card.

  13. O.K I LOVE the idea , but I AM the slowest cardmaker on the planet, I kid you not :-)

  14. It seems almost not possible to create something so wonderful in a short time, well done!!

  15. This is so exciting! Keren and I are blog friends for a long's awesome that you two connected and joined forces, Ingrid! Your card looks impossible to do within 10 minutes as it is jam packed with details!! Hats off to you, Ingrid! I look forward to participating in the near future!

  16. Oh my goodness, 10 minutes, what an interesting challenge. I don't think I have ever made anything under 10 hours. Love what you have made, very attractive indeed with the yellows and greens.

  17. Wow and in 10 minutes - absolutely amazing - I'd love to give it a go sometime - off to look at the other blogs

  18. Your a genius my lady. Ten mins - that card is fab. Heading over to check the others who joined u

  19. 10 mins? Absolutely fabulous card, Ruth x


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