Friday, 26 September 2014

Special post! Crafty Catz Challenge & Birthdays!

Good morning, lovely people! :)

Today is a good day! Sod the broken washer-dryer and sod the rainy is a good day! Exactly one year ago I got to hold the most precious bundle, my gorgeous little baby girl Chloe' for the first time in my arms! I remember sitting on my hospital bed, holding her and just looking at her promising her the world and not wanting to let go. What a special time it was and today we celebrate that special moment! In one year she has shown me what loving someone really mean and made me smile even when I didn't feel like it. She's grown from the helpless little soul in my arms into a clever, funny, cheeky, beautiful and loving little person. I am so grateful for every hug and giggle and for her being here with us, in our little family. Her big sister Isabella has been a darling and has been a great supporter of her little sibling. I'm so proud of them both! 

I'd like to say a big thank you to my friends Donna and Aunty Sue who thought of her today and made stunning cards for Chloe'... 

How gorgeous are they!! Thank you very much, Ladies, it touched my heart and these cards will be treasured so one day when she can read she can be reminded of her special day and that you were a part of it. xxx 

It is a lovely coincidence that the Crafty Catz Challenge Blog is also celebrating a 5 year anniversary!!! Yay! Happy Anniversary, Crafty Catz! There's birthday all around! So join in and celebrate with us! Make a birthday card for our 'Birthdays' themed challenge!

Because its our 5th Birthday we have FIVE fabulous sponsors and they are
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I made a really fun card for Chloe' and used the gorgeous Marianne Design paper pack...

It's not an ordinary card, it is a never-ending card!! So many looks in one card! What the most people don't know is that when you turn it back to front and then start folding you get a totally different set of looks! So cool! I couldn't put anything dimensional or some glitter or other fancy embellishments on it (they would be tasted for sure!!) so it is embellished only using the gorgeous papers and coordinating die cuts and some sponging. Bare in mind that this is an interactive card so it is made of a 300gsm cardstock. Trust me, it otherwise wouldn't last long. :) I want her to have a go and play with it or at least show her and create a bit of fun for her. Daddy's coming home early today so we can have a bit of fun in the afternoon. :) 

TIP: there are plenty of youtube videos on how to make one so go ahead and try it, it's easier than you think! Also, cut your decorative papers a hair smaller than your card panels so when it gets bent they don't get crinkled... guess how I know!! 

Thank you for stopping by! Have a lovely day and a fab weekend! 

Ingrid xxx 


  1. What a gorgeous card you made Ingrid,never seen one of them before,what a brilliant idea. This was such a beautiful post too,your little girls are lovely because they take after their wonderful mum. Big happy birthday to Chloe :)

    Extra big hugs
    Donna xxx

  2. Happy Birthday sweet little girl, how lovely to get cards from two lovely craft friends Ingrid....I hope you all have a good day..xx

  3. This is beautiful,fab papers and

  4. Love the idea of a never ending card for your daughters birthday. Hope you all have a lovely weekend full of celebrations.
    Julie x

  5. Happy Birthday to baby Chloe from me, too! A new baby s worth more than anything in the world! Hugs! Valerie

  6. Beautiful card Ingrid and lovely cards from crafty friends and a Big Happy Birthday to Chloe have a wonderful day and a lovely weekend
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  7. Holy cow Ingrid, this card just goes on and on and on! FANTASTIC! Happy birthday to Chloe! I love the soft pink and green together, it's so squishy and girly! You know how much I love that! Beautiful cards by Donna and Aunty Sue, as well, what a lucky girl Chloe is! big hugs :)

  8. a super never ending card, happy birthday Chloe, have a lovely day

  9. GORGEOUS brilliant super never ending card Ingrid and of course the most gorgeous image and colours used..
    The Journey is the Start

  10. What a lovely post Ingrid! Birthday wishes to your little Chloe' from me too. I love the cards that Donna and Sue made, that was so thoughtful of them. I love your never ending card too, my grandkids love receiving them and try to work out how they were put together! Hope you are having a very special day! Hugs, Anne xx

  11. I love your never ending card! Fabulous!

    Hope you and your family are celebrating at the moment. Happy Birthday Chloe!

    have a great weekend

  12. Your card is stunning Ingrid. I love the fabulous design and gorgeous colours.
    Happy Birthday to Chloe. It was so nice to read your beautiful post today, the love you have for your girls shines through.
    hugs Sue xx

  13. Hello Ingrid your card is fab hunny and give a kiss and cuddle for Chloe on her 1st Birthday ....sure she's had a fabulous day. Have a lovely weekend x carol

  14. Gorgeous never ending card, such pretty colours, I hope you are all having a wonderful time celebrating Chloe's 1st birthday and have a fabulous family weekend xx

  15. Such a beautiful 1st birthday card for Chloe ... I'm sure she had fun playing with it. Those never-ending cards are amazing (and fun to play with!) :) How sweet that you two friends send cards for Chloe's celebration as well --- very sweet! Have a fun and wonderful day with your family ... and happy birthday to Chloe! Loll xx

  16. Fabulous never ending birthday card for your daughter Chloe, a belated Happy Birthday from me :D I hope she had a wonderful day :D Thanks for your insights into blogging and face Book, sounds like you have it all covered LOL How do you find the time !! Gay xx

  17. brilliant makes Ingrid and happy birthday to your little one - aw bless - I remember my two's first birthdays - and now they are 6 and 8! Time flies. Big hugs Rachel x

  18. Love your never-ending card LOL It is such a special occassion, and it's amazing it is at the same time, as our B'day in Crafty Catz. Have a great B'day party and wish your daughter a happy childhood! Hugs,
    Anna xxx

  19. happy birthday to Chloe! enjoy every moment - they grow so fast!
    Kim x

  20. Very clever design, I'm sur she'll love it. Warm congratulations to Chloe!

    Warm hugs

  21. Thank you very much for all the sweet comments and birthday wishes to Chloe'. I made sure i passed on all those hugs :) Many thanks!
    Ingrid xxx

  22. Love your card this week. I keep meaning (and failing) to do a never ending card. Great job. Hope you're having a good week. xx


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