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Speed Craft Challenge #2: Colour Themed


The crafty quintet is back with the Speed Craft Challenge #2! When I say quintet I mean 5 (including myself) crafty ladies who have hooked up together for a bit of fun. The Ladies I mention are...

Donna - Inky & Quirky
Keren Baker - Kerenbaker's Blog
Nikki Acton - A2A - Addicted to Art
Pamellia Johnson - My Little Craft Things

If you have missed our first Speed Craft Challenge then click HERE for more info...

We all thought it would be quite fun to have themed challenges as we go on and this time it was me who picked one. My favourite colour is turquoise... or at least one of my favourites... and I have found this gorgeous image inspiration on Fresh Hues website:


Gorgeous, gorgeous colours! I shared it with the ladies and we all made our 10 minute creations based on this image. Well, I can safely say that I tried. I think my colour scheme turned out to be more green than turquoise, but I managed to squeeze some of the turquoise in and although it is not overly turquoise based I really, really love the result. I shall tell how I made this card...

I was still rather undecided of what I was going to create on Wednesday morning when my 12 pack Brusho arrived... it was meant to be, I'd say! I had to play... I just had to and as I was playing I thought why not... let's get the stopwatch on and I started creating my background using the Turquoise, Leaf Green and Ultra Marine. I didn't want to have a puddle of mixed colours but rather textured background so I tried to use just enough water for a little bit of blending to happen. Once I dried the watercolour paper a bit with my heat gun I took my wet brush and flicked which made a few splatters and this was when I yelped a little as it revealed a little bit of the turquoise underneath rather than the white paper... How fabulous! This was when I realised I didn't actually got any other stuff out as I had not planned this at all so I pulled out Tim Holt's stamp sheet, stamped my sentiment and like mad went over it with a black pen and drew my wonky border. I also reached for my box of left over papers and die cuts and pulled out a couple of fern leaves, glued them and also adhered a few iridescent sequins here and there. Luckily I knew I had a white card base ready in my drawer so I adhered my front panel to that and was done! Now that was mad!! You know, we are allowed to get our supplies prior to speed crafting... I was not prepared! I was so taken by the Brushos I didn't think this through. Oh well... I made it under 10 mins this time... whooo hooo! And I think I like my card too :)

I will need to practice with my Brushos as I would like to produce some seriously lovely watercolour paintings, not just cards... but that remains to be seen! :) In the meantime I will share my findings on the subject and will most likely share my first crafty attempts.

Thank you for visiting my little blog. If you have a moment then please hop over to my lovely speedy crafters' blogs to see what they managed to make in 10 minutes :)

Also, I would like to mention that this is not a challenge were you can win goodies, it's just a bit of fun. However we would love to see what YOU can make it 10 mins so feel free to join in and leave a link to your post in our comments section so we can check it out ;)

I'd like to enter this card into the following challenges:
Simon Says Wednesday Blog - Create your own background
Our Creative Corner - Image inspiration (All images provided contain a forest based being and are mostly in green colour, just like the fern leaves and green colours on my card... I think it fits rather well. I hope you like my abstract interpretation of the images provided)

That's all for now! Feel free to share your thoughts on my card and/or on Brusho paints. I'd love to hear from you!

Best wishes,

Ingrid xxx


  1. Wow! Ingrid, this is quite "foresty" if I can say! Awesome for a 10 min creation. Good going dear.

  2. Wow,this is sooooooooooo beautiful Ingrid,I knew you would make something jaw dropping in the time....No.1 crafter on top form :)

    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  3. I'm never disappointed with your work and your creativity Ingrid! This is just gorgeous and I think your colours are perfectly amazing!! 10 minutes for me, no can do...again! I have to re think my process a bit. lol

  4. Oh my gosh! This is JUST GORGEOUS Ingrid!

  5. So beautiful - love the textured look and totally forgot there was a colour challenge! Ha ha! It was kinda turquoisey. Oops! x

  6. GREAT techniques and love the colors and the few sequins around on the background... nice card Ingrid... love the ferns too... wow... you gals really did it... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

  7. this is awesome and to think it took less than 10minutes is just amazing . Love the colour and yes your choice is one of my fave too

  8. So creative and awesome LOVE that background!

  9. Oh I am going to have to try brushos! Fabulous work Ingrid - somehow you just for it when you only have ten minutes! Nxx

  10. Love your approach to the image inspiration from our challenge blog, Ingrid!

    And the background is sooo utterly beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely card with us at Our Creative Corner!

    Claudia x

  11. WOW! How can you produce something so stunning is such a short amount of time? The colours are so beautiful and I love the sentiment too.
    hugs Sue xx

  12. Lovely piece with wonderful colours. Never heard of brushos! Hugs, Valerie

  13. beautiful piece, love the colours.

  14. Gorgeous !! amazing work of art :)

  15. LOVE this card Ingrid. Fabulous colors and design. I'm so jealous about the Brushos ... not available here in Canada and I'm working on ordering some to the US if I can organize someone to pick them up for me ... fingers crossed that I'll have them sometime soon! :) Love the fern leaves and the wobbly border ... all fabulous elements. 10 minutes ... you girls are crazy! It would take me 10 minutes to just wet the paper :) Off to check out four girls and how they did ... Loll xx

  16. Keep seeing Brushos being mentioned everywhere, they seem to have just appeared out of nowhere lol!

    STUNNING 10 minute card Ingrid, i am liking your Brusho background very much, it doesn't need much adding in the way of embellishments to make something quite unique :-)

    Off to see what i can do this time, really enjoying this challenge. Please can you tell me if we will be able to display the badge you have shown today if we take part regularly or it just for the quintet?

    ;-) xxx

    1. Absolutely, you can display the badge! Be sure to come back and leave a link so we can go see your project! Have fun, hugs :)

    2. Only just seen that i can display the badge but not sure if i can put it in the post or on the side bar of my Blog, help please Pamellia and a huge TY :-) xxx

    3. You can right click and save the image of the badge into your PC then upload it Ito your post as well as to your side bar. We'll be happy for you to do all that, no worries ;) thank you for taking a part! Xx

  17. Beautiful card, love the colours even if it's not quite turquoise! Lovely Ingrid....Ruth x

  18. Amazing artwork Ingrid - the colours are stunning

    x Hilda

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  20. Hi Ingrid, Sorry, will try again ... have made a card for your speed challenge, but not sure how to add my link. Check out my card at Loll xx

  21. Gorgeous Ingrid and less than 10 minutes, unbelievable.

  22. Gorgeous inspiration colours and gorgeous card - fantastic.

    Thanks joining us at Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge.
    Caryn xxx

  23. Well i'm back with the link to my Speed Challenge blog post, hope you enjoy :-)

  24. Your card is gorgeous! I love all the background techniques! And ten minutes - WOW! It can take me ten hours just to find all the bits I need to make a card :)
    (I came via Our Creative Corner - Congratulations!)

  25. LOVELY! Nothing but a SO beautiful background!


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