Thursday, 30 October 2014

My Dragonfly art CASEd by Janine

Hi there!

I have something special for you today! I was recently contacted by a lovely lady called Janine! She happened to see my 'Dragonfly' artwork on Marjie Kemper's lovely website and decided to CASE it. Well, Janine contacted me to show me her masterpiece and I was absolutely amazed by her wonderful work...

How amazing is this?! Just to remind you, here's my piece... 

Janine even used my technique where you mix a clear embossing powder with gesso to create a paste that you that heat up until it bubbles a little. Once you've added some inks or other water based colour to your project the embossed parts will act as a resist and create additional texture. Those white embossed bubbled areas almost highlight the raised parts... hard to explain,.. just give it a go! Try it for yourself! You can see my original post HERE

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Janine for showing me her amazing artwork/card and want her to know that I feel very flattered and honoured that she has taken the time and made an effort to CASE one of my creations! Thank you, Janine! 


Ingrid xxx 


  1. Gorgeous version of your masterpiece Inka...but then you are an excellent art teacher :)

    Big hugs

    Inky xxx

  2. Wonderful - congratulations! Hugs, Valerie

  3. For sure your gorgeous piece will inspire many other crafters! Amazing!

  4. She obviously has very excellent taste! I wouldn't even know where to begin copying that masterpiece! Happy Halloween my friend! hugs :)

  5. Janine did an amazing job CASEing your beautiful project Ingrid! Of course, you always share how you make your amazing projects and we all learn so much from you! xx

  6. Oh Ingrid, I'm blushing. I didn't know you actually dedicated a page to my piece. As everyone said, you inspire with your work and your kind words. There is something in every project of yours that I love and want to add to my next


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