Monday, 16 February 2015

12 tags of 2015 (my version - Feb 2015)


Thank you for visiting! A big warm welcome to my lovely new blog buddies! Thank you for joining me on my crafty journey... I do hope you will enjoy the ride :) 

I must apologise for the recent unusual lengthy absence. I had a bad chest infection for two weeks whist going to work infecting all my work colleagues and at home my little girls. I somehow managed to recover... a bit... and then my dear other half got sick making our little recovering sickly babies properly sick again... it's impossible to craft with a little one stuck to your leg. I woke up with a sore throat again this morning and that was it! Enough! We just keep giving it to each other. I called the doctor, got my little ones seen and some antibiotics given to them, stocked up on vitamins myself. I'm on a mission to tackle this once for all! I pray for a bit of sunshine to help me along as I got soaked again on the way from work. Why do I not forget my umbrella on the dry days?! 

You might wonder what I have been up to during my 'quiet' time.. well, any free time I had I tried to craft. I made a few projects for the April issue of the Simply Cards & Papercraft magazine which I can't show you for now, sorry.  I also got to play with my gelli plate... 

I need more practice :) But I had so much fun just experimenting and trying things out! I must agree, the Gelli plate is so addictive! I can't wait to play some more hopefully producing some more advanced patterns :) This was just a quick 'fresh out of a box' quick play... 

I also got to play a little this weekend. I always wanted to join the 12 Tags challenges at Tim Holtz blog. I never dared! :) I mean, we're talking about the Tim Holtz!! His work is totally awesome and I am a big admirer. I regularly use his fabulous products and always will do. Anyway, without a further ado, here's the fabulous tag Tim made... 

12 Tags of 2015 - February |

... and here's mine... 

As I explained I never played along, but from what I understand you need to follow the same steps and use Tim's tag as an inspiration. You know me, I like to do things 'my way' so had to add a few little twists, but tried to keep it as close as at the same time... 

Well, what do you think? I just had a real fun and that's what it's about! 

Have a fab week! 
Best wishes, 

Ingrid xxx 


  1. Glad you feeling better Ingrid & had fun with your Gelli Plate! Your tag is fascinating, lots of TH products following his recipe yet so different, some lovely little touches.

    Hope you all feeling much better very soon, hugs to you all.

    Mo:-) xxx

  2. What a stunning tag Ingrid!!! Live the embellishments and color combo you used! So sad to hear you and your loved ones have been sick, but glad to hear you are getting better! Take care! Hugs:) Samra

  3. Sorry to hear you've been sick. Hopefully your family will all be well soon! Sending healing thoughts to you!

    Love the fun experiments with your gelli plate. I just bought two and haven't had a chance to play yet ... hopefully soon, once I'm getting around better.

    LOVE your tag ... you always have the most amazing mix of elements Ingrid ... and this is no exception. Take care. Loll xx

  4. Hope you are soon feeling well again, and the rest of the family, too. Valerie

  5. I absolutely LOVE your tag, it's STUNNING Ingrid, pinning it..... thanks for sharing all your gelli plate experiments, great starting points...and hope you are feeling much better soon. Hugs Ruth xx

  6. Hi Ingrid, great version. Love the subdued tones and layout. Nikki

  7. I think your TH tag is fabulous!! The gelliplate backgounds look very nice too, you will make beautiful things with them, I'm sure. Hope you will all get well soon!

  8. Hope you and your family feel better soon Ingrid.

    Great looking Gelli plate results and your tag is fantastic xxx

  9. Firstly,loving all your gelli prints Inka,they all look fab! Get the Joan Bess book,that's really helpful re the gelli printing ;)
    I'm loving your Tim tag,very you but also very yummy too!
    Let's hope the get well fairy comes soon and visits you all ;)
    Extra big hugs
    Inky xxx

  10. Wow Ingrid, that chest infection really grabbed hold didn't it! Geez! Well, I'm glad to see you are starting to feel a little better. What amazing work you did with the gelli plate, lots of backgrounds to use up. Wonderful version of Tim's tag, I love that glossy 14! big healing hugs :)

  11. I haven't ever used gelli plate, but your experiments have made me desire to try... so beautiful texture and colours!
    Love your tag in Tim's style, the birds and the metallic cork with the heart are gorgous!
    My best wishes of ready recovery to you and family!!

  12. A fantastic tag, all the details look great. Hope you are all feeling better soon.
    Yvonne xx

  13. Hope you all feel better soon Ingrid...nothing worse at this time of the year! Love your take on the tag, it looks fabulous. Looks like you've had some fun with your gelli plate too...I must get mine out again. Carol x

  14. Doing things your own way is good! I love your take on Tim's tag, it is beautiful. Sorry to hear that you have been unwell too... Hugs, Anne xx

  15. So happy you are feeling better Ingrid! I love all of your gelli prints and your tag is fantastic. Love your spin on Tim's version. :-)

  16. Fab Timmy Tag, Ingrid! Sorry to hear you've been ill, but glad you've had some fun with your Gelli plate :)

  17. Poor you Ingrid, hope you are now all on the mend. Looks like you have been having a ball with your Gelli plate. Your take on Tim's tag looks fab.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend, Julie x

  18. I hope that nasty bug has finished for you and your family now Ingrid - I have very low immunity and I hate the fact that sometimes I can have a cold or infection for three to four months and for you having little ones too makes it so much harder and more likely to keep re-infecting.
    I love your first Gelli prints - way better than anything I have made as I'm new to a Gelli too but yours are inspiring so will try harder.
    Love your take on Tim's tag too and am hoping to play along some this year myself. Keep warm and drink lots of fluids and take your meds Karen xx

  19. Such a great Tim tag and congrats on the magazine work! Jenny x

  20. So sorry to hear that you've all been so poorly - hope Spring and full recovery comes soon. Looking forward to seeing the magazine makes when you're allowed to share them and, in the meantime, it's a great take on the February tag.
    Alison xx

  21. Sorry to hear that you are ill and hope and wish you will become healthy soon.
    Your Tag is a dream with so much lovely details,very good.
    Dear Greetings


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