Sunday, 16 August 2015

MMW#6 challenge, page #5 & Gelli Plate tape

Hi there!

You're probably wondering why the heck I'm posting about the new challenge at Mixed Media World so late! I'll tell you why... I've posted over at Mixed Media World about the most wonderful artist Sandra Duran Wilson for our star designer series so I thought I'd tie these two posts up! Also, if anyone knows how to clone people give me a shout!

I want to show you my recent Gelli Plate experiments, tell you about our new challenge and of course show you  what I did next in my File Journal and share a few tips and tricks as I go along...

I love YouTube. There is so much inspiration and information on the channels I'm subscribed to! I usually watch these short videos on my iphone when getting the little one to sleep (muted). The other day I came across a few videos on how to make a fun tape using a Gelli Plate. You can check it out HERE.

I decided to try it and want to share a few things with you.. one of which is ... don't worry if you don't have a Gelli Plate, you can still make some fun tapes for yourself and I will tell you how. It's so simple and a little silly too, but it's fun and the results are great!

Firstly, let me show you a few tapes where I used the Gelli Plate using the technique shown in the video...ok, I added my own little twist. Start by pulling a piece of text of a newspaper using your clear tap, rub the back of the paper using a bit of water & let it dry. The tape will become sticky again once dry so you can carry out the next step, as per the Gelli Art video I mentioned above.

And now, check these out....

Wonder how they were made? I will tell you, but don't laugh! :) I will tell you how it all started... I was making some fun painty brayered backgrounds putting paint down on my non stick sheet, brayering, layers naturally drying in between... I was lazy and didn't clean the sheet. I got it out when making my Gelli Plate tapes and thought I needed to clean the sheet before using it again. It was then when the idea popped into my head... I made a few criss-cross scratches with finger in the messy sheet, go the tape out and started pulling the paint off using my clear tape! Ta-daaah! I added some mica powders to all my tapes, to get rid of the stickiness and job done!

I had another dirty sheet (what can I say, I'm a messy artist, I don't like to clean my sheet, I let it dry & then scrape the paint with a palette knife. In fact it is less messy that way than trying to wipe off a wet paint with my wipes or whatever else and make more almighty mess!:))

You're probably thinking I'm a little mad and not entirely sure what to do with these! Well, I have two clean sheets and heaps of fun tapes to play with! Keep reading, you'll see it in action...

I worked on another page of my File Journal. Before I show you the pages, I'd like to give a shout out to Ellie Knol and say... yes, it does close! :)
Well, for now anyway... I made the spine quite loose, but I am loving all of the texture that goes in and decided to continue the journal that way! I want to make it thick and huuuge! I bought some giant binder rings and will use my eyelets to keep the pages together. I'll show you again after the makeover..

And here are the pages with some close ups for you...

  Here's a pic with one of the transfers in the corner..

This is again where I used the tape made with the paint residue on my non-stick craft sheet. The only thing you need to do is to apply a bit of a clear drying glue like Mod Podge wherever you want it, put the painty side of the tape over the glue to stick it down, let it dry & then simply peel the clear tape off! It's a transfer! Now I have many of these tapes I can use them to add interest to any arty project. So next time you start wiping off that gorgeous leftover paint and ink or even gesso off your craft sheet, think again! ;) heheee....

 Here's a pic with one of the transfers in the corner..

I hope you like the page and I hope you enjoyed today's post. I also very much hope you can join my challenge over at Mixed Media World and create your very own Gorgeous Textures! You could win 3 pics of your choice from The Old Vintage Shop and be our next Guest Designer for our next challenge!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! I do appreciate every single one of them and will look forward to reading them.

Big hugs to my new blog buddies, all my lovely friend, the old and the new ones!

Ingrid xxx


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