Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Storms Don't Last Forever

Hey everyone!

We're 5 days away from Christmas (yay!) and I have been running around like a headless chicken! Two schools events, Christmas shopping, crafting, cardmaking, made stuff for the girls' classmates and teachers for Christmas, seen two nativity plays, hosted for a visitor from Portugal, finished cards for magazines, got our tree, decorated the tree, visited Santa... and finally got to sit down and edit the photos of the recent layout I made. So here I am, sharing it all...

The photos on my layout were taken on 16th October 2017. It was the day the skies were all orange and everyone on FB were panicking about the end of the world :D I was on the way to school to pick up the girls when I noticed the sky was all grey and the sun was orange. I thought it was unusual and as I was about to take a pic, my phone died! Brilliant, I thought! I found out why it was all happening via online news. See the journaling on the layout to find out why...

I was about to cook supper when I noticed the colour of the sky changing again. Sod the dinner, I thought, let's take pics. LOL... the three pics on the layout were taken about 30 mins apart. I managed to make the supper in between, of course!:)

I absolutely loved the colours in the photos so I had to print them out and create a layout with them. The October Hip Kit Club kit was absolutely perfect for this! I had great fun cutting out the triangular shapes with my craft knife and making shaker windows out of them. I love making shaker cards and I can't seem to stay away from sequins. These are also perfect for this layout. They are the 'Starry Night' sequin mix by Neat & Tangled. Looooove them!

Here are a few pics of the layout:

...this one is before I added my journaling...

....and after...

I wanted to keep this layout quite simple and clean. I love the quote 'Storms Don't Last Forever' and it's good to remind ourselves now and then of exactly that! I'd like to pass this positive note onto you and anyone out there who might be finding it hard right now. It will pass! It always does... so keep your head up and be strong. x

This evening, the sky was very beautiful again and I couldn't resist...

These colours make me very happy and I hope I managed to pass some of the happiness on today! I hope you enjoyed my post! Let me know your thoughts, if you did!

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great day!

Ingrid xxx


  1. This layout is as beautiful as you sweetie!! Love the photographs so much !! Merry Christmas to you and your family!! ♥️♥️♥️

  2. Hi Ingrid, love the photographs you took, really captured the moment, your pages look amazing....
    Hope your ready for Santa to arrive, let me tell you a little secret, when the children have grown and the days of dashing to one event after another are a distant memory, you'll miss it so much, enjoy the moments, nothing lasts forever....take care and have a great Christmas..xxx

  3. This is such a gorgeous layout. Your photos are amazing.

  4. Wow the pictures are fabulous but the last one well I've never seen anything like that EVER. so pleased you shared it with us.

    Happy New year to you. Xxx


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