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NEW Tracy Scott/PaperArtsy January 2018 release

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to share a few projects (many, in fact...) I made with the new Tracy Scott stamps, stencils and paints that are being released this month by PaperArtsy. 

Tracy has done fantastic job designing the stamps and stencils once again and it was a great fun working with them all. The new paints are also gorgeous and I think Sargasso is now one of my favourite colours! You'll see why once you see the samples below and you can read a bit more about each as you go... 

Due to the number of projects I will be sharing one pic of each, but it is going to be detailed enough for you to get the idea. Let's get to it...

Stamp set ETS14: 

My samples: 
The tag was made out of a master sheet, embroidered around the edges and I also added the stamped acetate for additional interest. 

The background was created by intermittently masking off and stamping. It took forever, but it was fun! 

Oh, how I love the greenish turquoisy Sargasso on this stamped background! <3

I think I mentioned before that I really love making little notebooks and albumbs etc and I simply couldn't resist making this cute little notebook with the same masterboard and the flower!

Stamp set ETS15: 

My Samples: 
ATCs are not something I make very often, but I did enjoy making these! 

Now, the background on this was a bit of an experiment, but I loved it and had to make a card out of it. Dilute Captain Peacock and Sargasso with water and add Metallic Glaze to them and you have a sparkly watercolour looking paint! OMG! Soooo nice! 

Obviously, I had to paint a whole cardstock with the shiny watercolour looking paint and then stencilled over it. I wish you could see the contrast in person. Try it for yourself!  
Stamp set ETS16:

My samples: 
I think this must be one of my favourite sets. It is very versatile and the flower stamps are gorgeous! 

Again, diluted, shiny Sargasso on the background and fun colourful leaf for contrast. Love the squiggly stamp too! 

Here, I went with a bit more artistic, clean and simple sort of card. One brush stroke with each paint made it fun and interesting and embossing on vellum is one of my favourite techniques. 

This time I chose to add some paint behind my embossing and I had a blast creating this background with one of the stencils too! 
Stamp set ETS17:

My samples: 
Another set of ATCs, this time a bit more retro looking. 

I had a fun using my Tie Dye technique with the paints and stamped all over with various stamps and paints. Simple, but effective. 

This is a small canvas with Tracy's gorgeous girl. More of an abstract look to her. Definitely check out Wendy's version! It's amazing! Wendy was also Tracy's wingie and she created some seriously gorgeous pieces! 
Stamp set ETS18: 

My samples: 
I wish I did this one on a canvas board as it is possibly my favourite piece of all! I LOVE the abstract flowers/plants and I will be using these a lot! I stamped into a wet Grunge Paste and then played with paints, creating contrast with colours as well as lights and darks. I really had a good play with this one! ;) 

Love the contrast of colourful and white! What do you think?

Same technique, but fussy cut out to make a focal point... 

As you can see, this one is rather special! :) LOL>>> Yay or Neeeeigh?! LOL!!! This is what happens when you run out of ideas and shuffle cut out bits and bobs around your desk. I was literally doing exactly that when I came up with this... premium example of stretching your stash (and your imagination! LOL). 
Stamp set ETS19: 

My samples: 
Simple yet effective tag... 

A retro looking piece... 

This is a pencil case. I stripped a regular canvas of the canvas fabric and as it was already primed, I brayered the background and stamped all over. Added highlights, cut to size, sewn together using the edging stitch and added velcro fastening and a handmade tassel. That was great fun! 
Stencil PS087: 

My samples: 
This was a master background that I stencilled over using the mask. I went all messy and daring and used my fingers to apply the paint over it... once dry, I doodled all over for contrast. 

Again, diluted and shimmery background was a perfect scene setter for my abstract fussy cut flowers made out of the same background. 

Same background, made into a card... just add a sentiment and you're good to go! 

Stencil PS088: 

My samples: 
I used the tie dye background and stencilled with Pea Coat over the top, fussy cut the flower out and added white Sharpie doodles. 

Similar background, slightly more abstract approach. Again, just pop a sentiment on and send your card to a recipient. 

These were fun to make too! Applying paint with fingers over the masks is seriously fun and creates a variation, which is why I loved doing it so much. 
Stencil PS089: 

My Samples: 
This was a brayered background with coloured stencilling over the top. The stencilled design was asking to be doodled over! Great fun and quite relaxing too. Did I mention I love embroidery? 

He're a bit of a combo of backgrounds. Shimmery one on the main panel with Snowflake for a subtle contrast and a tiny tag as a focal point. 

Same technique as the first sample, but fussy cut out to make a focal point. 

Swapped colours for a brighter design... both were fun to make! 

As you can see I went all out with this project and a lot of work and love went into it. I truly loved working with the paints and all sets and you will see more of these from me soon!

Congratulation to PaperArtsy and Tracy on this wonderful new release and thank you for this amazing opportunity!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to share and save your favourites, comment and share your thoughts and don't forget to visit the PaperArtsy blog and read Tracy's and Wendy's post for similar projects made with these stamps, stencils and paints. The blog is currently packed with inspiration from the team and the designers so have fun browsing and admiring.

I will be back soon, but until then... Stay creative!

Big hugs,

Ingrid xxx


  1. Gorgeous projects, love the look of these new goodies and fabulous colours, Cathy x

  2. Wow! I'm in total awe here Ingrid! The most a-mazing array of stunning colourful artwork and you sure have been a busy bee to make so many too.
    Think I now need those paint colours as I love bright myself and your creations are so inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing all those lovely samples.
    Fliss xx

  3. Wow so much wonderful eye candy Inka, beautiful creations
    Inky xxx

  4. Beautiful projects Ingrid! I love the one into the Grunge Paste too, all the layers are amazing! Gorgeous!!


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