Wednesday, 7 February 2018

I Heart You - That's Crafty!


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I come back with some exciting news and am here to share a thing or two. I now happen to design for That's Crafty! monthly challenge blog and am very excited to be joining their super-talented team! And, of course, with that news I am bringing some inspiration for their new challenge - I Heart You (Use hearts) starting right now! Hop over to check out the prize and give it a go! 

As you know, That's Crafty! shop is packed with a huge variety of items produced by various companies, but also with a vast number of their own branded items. I had a chance to test a few and oh my! They are amazing! I love them all and I was most impressed with their Texture Paste. I can be incredibly impatient when crafting and as you know mixed media can take time due to drying/curing times. And not all media can be heat-dried without it being affected in one way or another. Well, this bad boy of a paste dries fast with a short blast of a heat gun and about 5 mins of set aside without being affected and ready to be worked on again. I mean... this is pure awesomeness! It is very light as well so I will definitely be reaching for it when cardmaking. #happydays :D

I will list all of the products I used on this project on the bottom of this post so you can check them all out, if you wish. 

What it is that I made...

It is no secret that I love making booklets and albums and other fun notebooks. That's Crafty! shop have heaps of mdf, grey and white boards and other substrates at very good prices that are perfect for these. You can get a whole set of these 3" x 5" white boards with rings and make as many as you want! Or use them all in one booklet. You could also choose to work on their acrylic boards and if you are unsure of how to use them, then stay tuned for the future projects, because I will show you exactly how to. 

This time I made a little mixed media workbook. After applying gesso and stencilling the Texture Paste, I played with the paints and the shimmer spray, Stazon and some gold wire to add interest to the project. As this challenge is all about hearts, the idea was to create a focal area where I could set a small contrasting colour heart for it to grab attention. I filled the mini workbook with a good quality mixed media cardstock so it can continue to be worked on and filled with some more mixed media goodness. In the meantime, let's take a moment and admire this fab texture and gorgeous teal colours...

I hope you like the project and enjoyed reading this post. Please feel free to get in touch or let me know, if you have any questions. Also, please feel free to share this post or the images and help That's Crafty! products get the attention they so deserve. 

I will be back with another project in a couple of weeks time so stay tuned! 


Ingrid xxx 


Products list:
Mixed Media paper  - I used Faber-Castell so listing a good alternative for you
and for the heart - Nuvo Jewel drops - Strawberry Coulis 
Gold craft/jewellery wire


  1. Wow way to go Inka, this is AMAZING and what a way to make your debut!! We’re so happy to have you with us 😍😍😍
    Donna xx

    1. Hey Inky! Thank you very much! I’m happy too! Just like the good ol’ times! 😄😉😍 Xxx

  2. Absolutely *STUNNING* Love your stencilled layers and your use of colour mimicking the sweetest of butterflies. All tied together with a wrap of wire and embellished with a heart. An amazing piece of art. Welcome to the team..!
    Warm wishes Tracey xx

    1. Thank you very much, Tracey! Big hugs xx

  3. Inka, this is just so beautiful!! I just love the wire and heart addition- it ties it all together! (heehee sorry about the pun)
    Jackie ")

    1. Hey Jackie! Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it. 😄😉😘

  4. Gorgeous, Ingrid, love the fantastic texture and your effect on the butterfly - so beautiful, and the most wonderful little book it is, with the red heart on top !!!
    Hugs , Dorthe xx
    Oh by the way, your link in That`s Crafty Challenge blog- does not function Ingrid.... just thought you wanted to know :-)

    1. Hi Dorthe! Thank you very much! I’m glad you like it. And thank you for letting me know about the link! 😉😘

  5. This is a stunner Ingrid! Amazing textures and love the pop of red against the subtle blues.
    Fliss xx
    PS: Welcome to the TC challenge team :D


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