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Hochanda TV Samples (That’s Crafty! New release)

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There is so much I have to share with you today so make a cuppa and prepare for some photo heavy post. 

I made three samples for Hochanda TV and they were aired on 9th March 18’ at 11am and 4pm. You can catch up on the shows via their website via Rewind. They were packed with new products produced by That’s Crafty! and they flew off the shelves! 

That’s Crafty! Have a new range of Chunkies which are a laser-cut MDF board substrate that is meant to be put together to create a dimensional base for you to decorate however you wish. They come in four sizes. An ATC size, 6 x 6”, 4.5 x 9” and 8 x 8”. You can use these as a canvas for your art put together, use the individual pieces flat and even the waste is usable, as you will see on my 6 x 6” sample. They are easy to put together with That’s Crafty Multipurpose Adhesive (strong and fast frying). They have a hole in the back for easy hanging, should you choose to do so. All in all, one super product.

I had a great fun creating with the media like Black Gesso, White Gesso, Texture Paste and their Multi Surface Paints. They also have a new clear Crackle Glaze that you get buckets off (they come in 250ml & 150ml pots) and you need to use as thinly as possible and can be heat dried. So it will last you forever, works beautifully and no waiting around! You can see it denied by Neil Burley on the show so defo hop over to watch it before buying because he shared a good amount of information and tips on how to achieve the best results. They also have a new Sand Texture Paste which I am itching to try myself. 

Now a little bit about the individual samples I made...

The first is a cute little ATC Chunkie. It was primed with white Gesso, then stencilled with Texture Paste through the Tree Bark Dinky stencil, coated in Charcoal Shimmer Paint and highlighted with the Multi Surface White paint. The butterfly is another Dinky stencil, yep, you guessed it, it’s called ‘Flourish Butterfly’.

I simply stencilled the Texture Paste onto a 300gsm white cardstock and sprinkled with a gold embossing powder before it had a chance to dry. I let it sit for about 5 or 10 mins and then heated the powder creating raised puffy textured surface.  I added natural sisal and some Itty Bitty gold stars from Lucy’s Little Things shop. I’m like a magpie. I love anything shiny and shimmery! I always finish my makes with defining raised areas with highlights and darkening some edges with black Stazon. 

My second sample is the decorated 6 x 6” Chunkie. It was treated with Black Gesso, covered in netting, fabric flowers, seed beads, microbeads as well as the leftover MDF board that was broken into strips of various length.  The Chunkies come later cut flat in a pack so you literally pop out the pieces and what you are left with is what I am talking about here. I couldn’t throw it away. They are perfect for building up layers!

It was then covered in Black Gesso again and then I spent a decent amount of time applying and mixing Ocean, Teal, Bright Magenta, Metallic Pearl Multi Surface Paints and also added some of the gorgeous Pale Gold Sparklers spray. I highlighted with Metallic Pearl and White paints and darkened the edges with black Stazon ink. I think my favourite part was mixing Pearl shimmery paint with my colours, turning them shimmery and creating different colours by mixing Ocean and Bright Magenta. One particular mix caught my eye. You get a gorgeous blue steel cool colour effect on the blue side by adding a tiny bit of Magenta into the Ocean! Mixed with Pearl and applied over the Black Gesso... it’s so nice! If you were to mix the Magenta with a tiny bit of Ocean (reverse the combo) you get a gorgeous purple violet. It was great fun! 

My third sample got heaps of attention too and I know it is because of Melina’s gorgeous Butterflies! They come from the Doodled Butterflies and Leaves stamp set and they match perfectly with the White/Greyboard laser cut pieces for your convenience. They are durable and will hold any media... they can be stamped on, inked, painted, textures with pastes, embossed... awesome!

The 4.5 x 9 Chunkie was treated with White Gesso, stencilled with Texture Paste and the Distressed Harlequin stencil, painted with White Multi Surface Paint, a diluted mix of Lime and Teal, some Metallic Pearl and darkened with black Stazon. The butterflies were made slightly differently. I added some Yellow, Teal, Lime and Pearl paints onto my craft mat, lightly sprayed with Sparklers spray and without mixing the paint, I pushed the butterfly into it and pulled. I repeated with all of them and let them dry. Then I stamped on top. I finished this simple sample by wrapping a jewellery gold wire around be butterflies and the board and made my butterflies poop some stars and glitter... I mean, who doesn’t like that, right?! :D The sentiment comes from Lynn’s Affirmation set 4 stamp set.

As you can see, I had a blast with all three projects and it was fun playing with all the goodies. I hope you give them a try yourself and hope over to their website and discover the Alladin's cave for yourself. If you want to shop for products shown on the show then click on the 'As Seen on Hochanda' button. There is so much to choose from. I just had to buy some of their new stencils, because they are just so cool. So don't worry, there is more to come.

But I bet you ran out your tea by now and I certainly need one now ;) As always, if you have any questions or just want to say hi then please feel free to leave a comment below. It's always lovely to hear from you. So until next time, stay creative!

Ingrid xxx 


  1. Ingrid, all your chunkies are gorgeous, and I so enjoyed seeing them in the show,- amazing texture, and color choices, I love them all, dear !!
    Hugs, Dorthe, xx

  2. Love so very much these mixed media!!! Just adore the colors you used, they are very vibrant and your canvases are full of amazing details!!

  3. You are amazing! Beautiful samples dear Inka ๐Ÿ’•

  4. Wow, Ingrid! Your chunkies are just stunning! I'm especially drawn to the one in purples--love the color and your wonderful layering! So inspiring! Hugs!


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