Friday, 23 March 2018

Newbie to TN, set up and 1st spread

Hi everyone! 

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I have decided to challenge myself and cut into the gorgeous designer paper pads I have collected. Because I don’t use it. I collect it! I know... crazy! It’s so pretty and I love it so much, but that’s not what is holding me back from using it. The issue is elsewhere... it’s like my heart skips with joy looking at all the gorgeous paper pads filled with stunning designs and my brain goes on strike and into a panic mode when I’m supposed to use patterned papers. All at once! 

But I faced it and even created my first spread...

This is the amount of paper and collections I could fit into one photo and I have more!  

If you look through the cards in my page section, you will notice that I don’t tend to use patterned papers. Now you know why! We all have a block or a difficulty of some sort when comes to our creative abilities and this is mine. So I have decided to overcome it. You won’t be suddenly seeing cards with patterned papers, no, that’s too scary, but I will be using it in my journals. 

I recently purchased the new shiny Travelers Notebook by Heidi Swapp. I love the cover, but I’m not keen on the insert. The insert has 6 holes so that you can insert it into your planner. No idea why as it is for the traveller's notebook. Aaaanyway... so I made my own inserts with a good quality copy paper and the gorgeous papers and ephemera from the Pick Me Up collection by Paige Evans. 

I had about 15 mins spare and so I rummaged through my printed photos and found these cuties! Our Maine Coon kitties at 3 months. They are much bigger now at 9 months! Jasper and Pixie are siblings and they are the best addition to the family! So full of fun and joy! 

I tried not to overthink the spread and just went with the flow. I was surprised how quickly it all came together. I suppose it is easy when the collection matches so beautifully. Is it perfect? Probably not, but it's done! I also like the fact that I documented a photo in a nice way and it only took a moment out of my time. No excuse in the future! So I’m hooked and you will probably be seeing more of my new journals. 

In the meantime, have a fab weekend! And let me know how you like to document your photos or if you have any ‘creative blocks’ that you’d like to overcome. I’d love to know! 

Best wishes, 

Ingrid xxx


  1. I too collect patterned papers and tend to not use those I love more, because I'm worried to make not good enough works with them :) It happens especially with double sides... So I say: I will use them for boxes or 3D projects to show both the sides... but I never do it LOL :D
    Adorable inserts for your traveller notebook, well done! And LOVE your sweet kitties! :)

  2. I have the same pattern Ingrid- collecting and not using ..... really ,- and like you have to kick myself starting using from my paper pads and books :-)
    I look forward seeing your first page .
    Hugs, Dorthe, xx

  3. I think it must be a prerequisite for crafters to hoard those things we love to the point of excess and never use them. I suffer from paperitis as well, and I will NEVER get to the end of it. I have a stack on my desk that I will be going through for the really good designs, and the rest will be recycled or donated. And there's probably 20 more the same size that need to go. I applaud your efforts to use yours, and what a wonderful way to put them to use. Beautiful inserts you've created, and your kitties are adorable! Hugs!


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