Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Easy Memo Cork Board DIY


Greetings from sunny England! Yes! Sunny, I say. I was getting sick of the miserable rainy and grey weather here in the UK. The funny thing is, I was wearing a winter coat last week and I was sitting outside in the sun today and even have a tan line! A ridiculous vest tan line, but I have one! LOL! 

There doesn’t seem to be any gradual change in the weather here. It literally changes from one week to another, if not from day to day. It’s a welcomed change nonetheless! Yay for sunshine! 

I'm bringing some more inspiration for the That’s Crafty April challenge and this time something a bit more practical. Do you remember the lovely circular surfaces that That’s Crafty! released recently and presented at the latest Hochanda show? If you missed it you can go to and watch the show from 13th April 12pm and 4pm via their Rewind section. I made this for the show so you can take some inspiration from it should you wish! Circles and more circles...


Now onto my new project... 

We all need a helping hand with an organisation now and then, so I made something that might just help you to keep not only organised but en trend!

Geometrical shapes and patterns are very in at the moment and if this is something you enjoy surrounding yourself with then read on and you will also be able to create this simple Memo Cork Board for your office or your craft room in a few simple steps. The products will be listed at the end of the post. 



Step 1: Trace the MDF circle board onto a piece of scrap copy paper, cut it out and fold in half. Lay the folded piece of paper onto the round MDF, aligning with the existing hole and make a mark on the opposite side of the folded paper. This will ensure that your holes are exactly halfway down so when you hang it it’s not all wonky. Easy, right? 

Step 2: Adhere the cork sheet onto the circle MDF surfaces. You get a whole pack of these MDF shapes in the pack so you can pick and choose to go with different sizes or keep it simple and go with one size. I had some leftover 4 x 6 cork sheet pad so I glued three of them together, then onto the MDF board and cut off any excess. 

Step 3: VERY lightly sand the edges of the cut cork and mask off some areas. I decided to go with blocks of White paint and the new Rose Gold paint, allowing each layer to dry in between. 

Step 4: Spend about an hour going through all the gorgeous new stencils by That’s Crafty! and, once finally decided, use the Black paint and a cosmetic sponge (I find that these give the best results) to add the paint through your stencils, whilst keeping the other painted areas masked off. 

Tip: Make sure your paint is fully dry between layers and your masking tape or washi tape is very low tack so it doesn’t pull the paint off. 

Step 5: Use a needle and an embroidery thread to join the circles and make sure to create a little loop for hanging on the top. You could also need a twine or jump rings to join them. 

Step 6: Hang and add your notes, any quotes to keep you going, photos, stickers, embellishments and memos onto the board. I added a few as an example...


I hope you give this a go! Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @IngridKristinaV if you do. I’d love to see how you keep yourself organised! And don’t forget to visit the challenge blog, because there is plenty more inspiration from my teamies. Thank you! 

Have a fab day! 

Ingrid x


  1. Really love this fab idea Ingrid and the stencilling on the cork looks fantastic.
    Sunny day here too and so warm I had to open all the windows yesterday for the first time this year!
    Fliss xx

  2. Hi Ingrid ,
    Had to comment on this masterpiece, here, too-
    So gorgeous created, and admirering your beautiful stenciling onto the cork, and with the paint- two things I would find difficult , to combine :-)- I will give the make up sponges a try, in fact have a bag filled with them, bought in a fleamarket once-- ( no, not used ,lol ) Thank you for your TUT , they really looks fancy on the wall. Here too, the weather changes almost over night..... but the sun is here at last-- for a few days, should be cold Saturday again- :-(
    Hugs from me- and a lovely weekend Ingrid . xoxo

  3. What a great idea and I love how you have decorated the boards Have a lovely day x


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