Friday, 11 May 2018

MMW May 2018 - Moodboard & mid-challenge inspiration


How about some mid-month Mixed Media World challenge inspiration? We have a lovely moodboard this month, which you can choose to draw inspiration from or you can submit any mixed media project you have been working on. After all, it's all about having fun! 

Joining our challenge is super-easy. All you need to do is to add a photo of your masterpiece with a link to your blog post or your youtube channel to the relevant album in ALBUMS in PHOTOS in our ***Mixed Media World*** Facebook Group. 7 Dots Studio are sponsoring this month challenge and you could win 20 EUR towards your shopping in their online store! How cool is that?! Now for the inspiration... 

May 2018 moodboard:

I created this moodboard in Canva photo editor, which btw is fab. Why in Canva? Hmmm... I used to use Picmonkey and even paid them for a while for the pro version. I had a moment of epiphany and decided that I don't use the pro features as much as I thought I would so I cancelled the payments. Only then I discovered that Picmonkey is no longer free and that the membership is now higher than what I was paying. Whaaaat?!! Sooooo, goodbye Picmonkey and hello Canva. I even have it on my phone now and am super happy. I hope you like the moodboard and get inspired in one way or another. 

When I look at a moodboard, I am usually drawn to individual elements first, then colours and try to see how I can bring it all together. Here, I was drawn to the shimmering water, the textures of the stones and the pattern of the gate. 

I started with this small A5 size canvas board and as I was working I didn't want to waste any products so I grabbed another one and created another less complicated version. 

This is the main canvas and some close ups... 

And here's the one I made with leftovers... 

Maybe I should punch some holes and make it onto a journal cover? That could work, right? What do you think? 

How would you interpret the moodboard? Why not give it a go and add your photo to the group album. I'm curious and excited at the same time and so is the team! 

Thank you for stopping by my little blog today. I hope you enjoyed the post. I will be back soon! 

All the best, 
Ingrid x

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