Monday, 14 May 2018

Relax - TN Page spread

Hi there!

Thank you for taking time to stop by today. I played a little in my TN... 

The photos on the spread are of my daughter and Pixie taking it easy and relaxing. They were taken in November last year when Pixie and Jasper (who happen to be siblings, so it had to be done) had their operation and even the vet could tell that I was more nervous than the cats. Luckily for male cats, they don’t end up with any stitches that would need to be covered, but Pixie had stitches on her side and needed to wear the little vest to prevent her from licking it or scratching it. Pixie was quite weak at the time and didn’t like the vest at all. I was so worried I closed them in the living room with access to the loo and their food and slept on the sofa. I was up with her a few times just to make sure she wouldn’t fall or go to eat and drink or to the loo ok. I think she knew that I was there for her because she would also saught my company. When Chloé got up, the two snuggled up and it was so sweet to see them bonding. I simply had to document this moment. 

I used the One Canoe Two Twilight stamp set with my Archival Mini inks, Pinkfresh Studios Life Noted stamps to add details and a patterned stripy paper from who-knows-from-which-collection :) 

I enjoy scrapbooking and memory keeping as such,  but working on CAS layouts/on a larger scale is still a bit strange and it takes me forever to decide what to put where or what I would actually like the layout to look like. On the other hand, I am enjoying documenting photos in the handmade traveller’s notebook as I don’t feel as clueless or worried I will mess up. I will share a new spread soon so stay tuned and please consider to subscribe here or to my socials like Instagram or my FB Page where I share more ideas and bit more of my creative world. 

Until next time, have a great day! 

Ingrid x

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  1. Poor little Pixie , such sweet photos, Ingrid - she surely has a wonderful Mom , and Chlèo also helped make her relaxed and happy. '
    Wonderfully memories, now hidden in your book, with the fantastic CAS card.
    A lovely new week to you :-)
    Hugs, Dorthe, xx


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